Thursday, August 25, 2011

The days seem a lot shorter. Its so crazy, I don't even know where this last week went. The food could get better, they do have dew here but only caffeine free. Volleyball is getting pretty intense in gym. We don't keep score so as intense as it can get that way. Not much is new here! I am going to sing in the choir tomorrow and we perform on Tuesday for Tuesday night devotional. I can't wait! i ran into some Chinese speaking guy in the bathroom while brushing my teeth and he told me to bear my testimony to him in Espanol because he hadn't heard it. But i couldn't understand his but I could feel the spirit. I am just glad i'm not speaking Chinese! :)

Sunday was very spiritual! Sundays are the greatest here! Well everyday is but I just especially love Sundays when we can go to sacrament and renew our baptismal covenants. The spirit is so strong here everyday! I love every minute of it. Really this place is the most amazing place of my life.

Remember the spirit often answers your prayers through other people. One of the greatest things I have learned! Also in sacrament Elder King talks about how "faith is a verb," its what you do. To have faith in something is amazing. i love being able to strengthen my faith every single day. Every single night I can't fall asleep. Spanish just runs through my head. No bueno!

I just got the Brighton book yesterday, it has a bunch of the missionaries that went to Brighton in it and their testimony. it is a wonderful book! reading it makes me so happy. It is so weird I leave here in a week, Its going to be hard to leave my friends here. These guys are great. But i'm excited to get out of the country and see what its like.

 I have more pictures for you when they fix the printer things.  They are always broken. they should just get new ones.

Me and elder Lesuerur run around singing the hymn "Jesus es mi Luz." Such a fun song to sing, but we don't know all the words so we sing Jesus es me Luz like ten times in a row then the chorus! :) Muy comico! I have so much stuff to do before I leave. I need to get better at Spanish! Better at the gospel, better at the Gospel in Spanish! This place is so busy! Tomorrow will be chill though, we have service day so we only have one class period with a maestro. Which means a lot of personal study which is amazing!

Elder Carter

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