Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013


Thank you for working everything out dad!  It all sounds good!  I will email you when I get the new debit card! Thank you again!

What mission in Honduras is Debbie’s son Ethan going to?? Did you ask?
Do you know what my talk will be on for September 8th?? Yeah everyone gives food to us for our birthdays! And cakes! Both years I have been here I ate 2 cakes! It has been great! But it’s not the same as when I am at home for my birthday!

Yes Ana Maria and her daughter Libny got baptized!! I baptized Ana Maria and my comp baptized Libny and it was amazing!! :) I was so happy for them! And I could see how happy they were so that made me feel amazing! We should be baptizing 1 or 2 more families before I leave! We have some families that are progressing! They are super great too! One family has 5 people and another has 2.

Yeah I will have a lot of stuff to do when I get home!!  That will be fun to go camping with the scouts!! Ha-ha I miss that! 

 So mom and dad, how was Silver Lake? I will be going on a lot of hikes when I get home! I like being out in nature!

No way Kimberly turns 17 tomorrow?? Ha that’s crazy!! I can’t believe she is that old already!
Of course I am planning to go visit Jay! Ha I am planning on buying them something. You will have to put like 200 dollars of my money on my card because I want to buy some things for other people. I love you guys a lot!! I will send you pictures in another email! I miss you!
Elder Carter

July 15, 2013


Well guess what?? I lost my wallet!! :( I had my ID and my Debit card from home and my mission card, what can I do??? There isn’t time to send me a new debit card to buy souvenirs is there??

Yeah it was great to have the package from home for my birthday! And yes I got 2 cakes for my birthday and it was good! :) And 3 eggs smashed on my head. Ha, my companion is from Honduras and one sister from here, and they break eggs on heads for their birthdays! Ha so I got to enjoy that!

Dane told me that he is going to stay home; he isn’t going back to Peru. His mom needs his support right now!  This is all so weird! I don’t feel like it is time for me to go home yet. I feel really weird! It will be good for Jessica to be a school for me the first day so I don’t get dropped from any of my classes.

And yes, Ana Maria will be baptized on Sunday! She is super excited!! And me too because she is doing it finally!! We have some good investigators!! One is a family that is going to be baptized in August! My last Sunday here, and another family super big! But we haven’t gotten them to church yet. It’s hard for the market!!

Are you inviting neighbors over for the Bar B Q too?? You should invite someone since the missionaries will be there!! Ha that’s what I want to have when I get home! A BBQ!!
I haven’t had a ton of crazy things happen on my mission! Ha not as crazy as Jack had happen at least! But yeah weeks are going by way too fast! Its weird, I feel like it will just be another change in 5 weeks. Well let me know about my card because I don’t know what else I can do!
I love you and miss you lots!!
Elder Carter

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013


Thank you for the Happy Birthday wish!! I can’t believe it’s my birthday again!! Ha-ha, crazy! But yes I did get the Birthday package. :) thank you!! I opened it the day we got back from the temple! Ha, but I saved a lot of the candy for tomorrow!! But thanks again for the package! It is always nice to have a little taste from home! Well today it’s the p-day before changes so everyone usually is saying goodbye, and my companion went to the capital to sign some papers, so I am here with another elder for today. I don’t think we will be doing a whole lot! 

Well Ana Maria, who is having the problems in her life, is thinking about being baptized the 20th of this month. It’s not for sure, but we have been teaching them in the house of a member named Rosa and it has been helping us a lot! She is interested in the church! She knows that there is more peace where we are than where she attends. But we are going to work super hard with her to help her get to the point to be baptized! 

That’s great for Karli’s sister Krista!! She is going to Ecuador on her mission.  Exciting for her family I’m sure!! Was it a good turn out for the 4th of July breakfast? They didn’t allow fireworks in your area??  Well I didn’t even remember it was the 4th of July because here they don’t do anything. Ha-ha, their independence day is the 15th of September. So here I didn’t even remember until my zone leader reminded me. 

Well that’s good that Jess is willing to do that for me!! :) (Go to my classes the first day). Ha, but she better be there in the airport! Are they going to release me right when I get home?? 

We have had a lot of success this week! We found 20 new investigators! And we have found a lot of families! Right now we have a good pool of investigators! And we have plans to find more this next week! We found a family of 10 people! Ha, and they let us in their house really fast! We have a problem getting the people to go to church; it’s the hardest thing in this area I think. And they have to go to church or they can’t be baptized!! So it slows up the work a little but I know that we will be taking a lot of people to church really soon!! Time is too short!! 
I love you guys!! 
Elder Carter

July 1, 2013

Hello Family! 

Yeah I got the copy of my travel itinerary for coming home next month!! I’m kind of sad!! I don’t want to leave! But there is a time for everyone I guess! The people at the 7-11 ask for me?? Ha-ha that’s hilarious! I will be there on the 23rd to visit!! :) That’s good that Joy and the family live so much closer now! It will be easier to be in good touch and help out if you can. But it sounds like they are doing well! 

At Subway last week while we were in Xela, I had the chicken bacon ranch foot long with a drink and cookies! I went all out! :) Ha it was amazing! The temple is so pretty! And the spirit was amazing there! Its great being back to having only one companion! It’s a lot better! And yes he will be my last comp, because I am training him, so it’s 2 changes for training, and this will be the second! Wow it sounds like it’s been really hot in Utah! Here it’s been a little colder but good weather, it’s been raining a lot! Like 75 degrees but sometimes it drops to 60 ish and it gets colder with the rain and wind! 

Yeah well I will miss the 4th of July with the breakfast and parade! It will be fun I’m sure!! But we are working hard!! I had one of the best weeks in the entire mission this week! We started it out going to the temple on Tuesday, super spiritual experience!! And we got a ton of great ideas there, revelation for our area! It was super amazing! We were in the Celestial room until they kicked us out! We didn’t want to leave! Then we had some excellent lesson with members present, and the spirit was super strong! then we went back to an old investigator to see how they were doing and the ladies son had started drinking again and her life was pretty much falling apart, and we helped her and lifted her up again, and to just see how people change is amazing! It is unlike anything else. She said she wants to be baptized and before that wasn’t on her mind. It’s interesting when everything goes our way we don’t search for God, but when we have problems it’s when we are closest to him! It was an amazing week! I love you! Miss you!! 
Elder Carter

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013


Yes they changed our pday, but the conference in HueHue was great! I received a lot of revelation for  The conference was to help us stay excited about the work. This month we baptized 110 in the mission and it’s more then we have ever baptized in mission Xela after it divided! Crazy huh? Oh yeah, I got the package you sent a long time ago!! Thank you for the candy and everything! :) I didn’t remember that I hadn’t told you.  
And yeah Dane sent me an email!!! He is getting married August 30th, so I will be home!! That’s great for him! And he is also going to Peru he said for the summer. 

 I don’t know what time yet that I can talk to you guys on Mother’s Day, but next week I will tell you! But it’s surer at night. That’s when we always have more time. It’s crazy that this is my last call!!

They are going to divide the mission the 1st of July, so then I think I will be in the other mission. But I still have the same companion and we are getting along well! We have a bunch of good investigators. Ana Maria and Liviny are super great! They are progressing fast, and they love the church. They took us with a new family this week to visit them! And they are great! We found 2 new families and a partial family this week! And the best part is that the partial family wants to give us a ton of food!! :) Ha-ha, but the work is good! 

Love you!! I can’t believe that we are going to talk again already! Super fast! But I am excited!! 
Miss you! 
Elder Carter

April 24, 2013


They changed our pday until today (Wednesday) because tomorrow we are going to HueHue for a conference, and we have to stay in Quiche, so they changed it to today. 
Well the baptisms fell through. The dad’s son-in-law went to his house 2 days before the baptism, and told him a bunch of lies about the church and gave him alcohol. Sooo.. He couldn’t get baptized and we didn’t find out until Friday when the lawyer was already there to marry them, and they hadn’t shown up. So we had to go to their house to convince them to get married. And they did get married.  It was a hard weekend. It was a super emotional roller coaster. I was upset, sad, stressed and mad all at the same time and it was tough.  Because Sunday no investigators went to sacrament meeting, so I was a little frustrated. But now that guy won’t receive us, neither will his son, but his wife and daughter want to be baptized. So we will see what happens.

Yeah I registered for some new classes in addition to the ones you signed me up for. I am going to look at the land one! But I have a couple new ones that I added to the list. Thanks for checking on all of that stuff for me! But I miss you guys and love you!! We have been helping a ton of people put metal sheets on their house so the rain can’t get in! And we were working on that like 10 hours, so I am pretty burnt! But it was good to help! 

And we have some other positive investigators, so we will see when we can baptize! I love you!!
Elder Carter

April 15, 2013


Yes I loved Holland’s talks, but it was not the same in Spanish! (We had to listen to it in Spanish).  Ha-ha, you see the energy in the movements of Elder Holland and some lame Spanish voice comes out. But I really enjoyed conference! 

I think it depends on the mission president if you can do service on Saturday but here they tell us to do as much service as possible, whenever we have a chance!
Laurel is going to Boston first? That’s crazy!! But that’s cool! She will enjoy it! It will be hard for the Spanish though. 

The investigators are great!! We had 8 investigators in the sacrament meeting!! :) We should have had 2 more but their ride didn’t show up. But we have 4 baptismal dates for this Saturday! :) We are going to baptize a family after we marry them. I will send a photo the next week. It’s a family that’s super humble, and they hardly speak Spanish, they can’t read and so we always have to take some members that speak quiche with us. So we are learning a little bit of quiche for all of the references that they have given us that don’t speak Spanish. But we will have more baptisms soon!! We have some investigators that are super awesome! And they want to be baptized. We love it!

The sister missionaries make their own food! But they always give us food Sundays, and some other days. :) Yesterday they gave us a ton of food! We were stuffed! We are trying to find 3 new families every week so we can have more investigators progressing. But we are getting a lot of help from the members. In almost every visit we make, we have a member present. It’s nice and it helps a lot!

Well a drunk yelled at us in English. All of the bad words that I haven’t heard in 20 months! Ha. 

We had some great experiences and our investigators are starting to understand everything a lot better. They even take us to teach other new people. It’s great! Diego is super awesome and he has 8 hernias in his back, and it’s hard for him to walk, but he goes to church! :) He takes us with his family members as well to teach them. He will for sure be baptized! I love you guys!! Miss you! 
Elder Carter
Have a great bday Dad!!