Sunday, September 4, 2011

From Guatemala...

Hola! I am emailing you from another country! We made it safely! And we were talking to tons of people on the plane. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep last night pero esta bien! :) When we got off the plane some guy was outside and asked if he could shine my shoes for 2 dollars... me being an American, i thought this was a good price! But I guess its a terrible price haha I should have gotten 4 for that price! But thats what happens i guess.

The food here is amazing. They hand make it, so they do every plate separately. Es muy bien! I don't even know whtat we had for breakfast, but for lunch we had carne con salsa, guacamole dip that was way good! I don't even like guac and I loved it! Then a roll, a potato, a salad, and some way bomb spinachy cheesy ish kinda thing!

Guatemala is crazy! The people driving are nuts! They just drive wherever and whenever, pulling out in front of people all the time. Our bus driver was tailgating a cop and cut one off haha.

But I have a new companion, Elder Adams, he is pretty athletic. He swam and played water polo. But we also have a native companion that we eat with and have gym with. He is from Honduras! And his accent scares me! But I am excited to be able to listen to it! He speaks solo espanol! And super super fast. But i will hopefully get used to it.

This MTC has 78 missionaries in it. It is so much better than Provo! We can email every Thursday, that is our preparation day. The temple is right across the street. we can go every Wednesday. The gym here is huge, the have weights galore! And they have basketball courts outside! There are people that come every Wednesday to sell us stuff. They have some homemade ties and scripture cases that are the leather ones and they can put whatever picture on it that I want, Guatemala bags, movies, everything! I will be going into town next week I think. they let us go to the mall and all the shopping places here! To practice the language.

I can't wait to go to bed tonight. It will be muy bien!

Elder Carter

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