Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wed Aug 31, 2011

There is a lot of cool stuff in the store here. It only comes on Wednesday and they set everything up and there is this guy who works here and he brings a ton of ties on every third wednesday and they are 4 for 10 dollars! Or they have way nice ones that would be like 65-75 bucks in Utah for 5 bucks each! haha. everything is cheaper here. I have a lot of pictures for you!

I have an English companion, there are 3 North American districts so we only are with north americans but we all have latin companions. so for dinner and for all the meetings and stuff we get to sit by them and talk to them. Mine and my companion Latin is Elder Ardon, he is like 5 foot 6 and he loves soccer! He is pretty funny! He calls me his gordito, which means little fatty. He is a funny guy! All of the latin elders are hilarious! I love it! My spanish has gotten so much better. The first couple days it was way hard to understand them because mine is from Hondurus and he drops off the last half of like every word! So it was super hard! But all the Latinos are amazing at soccer. I have been playing the last couple days. Its super fun!

The food here is so much better than Provo! They made it individually for every single person so its way good. And they juice everything here! Cantaloupe, watermelon, melon, the oranges are way better here, and the orange juice is easily the best thing I have ever tasted!

My Latin companion gets to go through the temple today. There are a lot that didn't have a temple close enough. And guess how much garments are here?? Well thery are 6 quetzales which in American money is 60 cents for a set! Haha its crazy!! I love this MTC much more than Provo. My district is all Elders, no hermanas! But its good. Me and my companion are planning on teaching 20 lessons this week! Its helping my Spanish a lot the more I teach. We got to help teach the natives English. We get to for a half an hour each day! Its way cool! So now they can feel how we do!

The flight here was way cool! I only got like 2 hours of sleep but when we got here it was Pday for us so it was nice. And so I took a nap for a while! Like 45 minutes.

Everything is great here! we study outside every morning, and we saw like an army of soldiers drive by! haha coolest thing ever! There are some pretty nice cars here in the city. And some way big buildings, for our service project we get to go out and clean the peoples driveways and houses!! the homemade bread is bomb! Well all the food is bomb! and the teachers are amazing. That way funny kid from my old district is the zone leader! haha muy gracioso! we try to speak spanish the whole day! we talk to our native companion a lot during sports time! and on preparation day we can have gym as much as we want! We can go out soon! this next week we go tracting for reals. its going to be way different!! but I hope I can understand. Some spanish is different than others. Yeah spanish is amazing!

Jeremiah 4:19, 20 is a prophecy about the food in Provo! look it up :) haha

Elder Carter

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