Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 9, 2011

The group at the CCM in Guatemala
(Elder Carter is on the top left)

Elder Carter at the CCM

Hola! I am going into the field tomorrow! There are about 35 people at the CCM right now and then when all the Guatemalan missions leave tomorrow there will only be nine! It was weird to say goodbye to everyone! All of my good buds! But we plan on meeting up after the 22 months and rope some cattle! So it should be pretty fun! It has been a great experience! My testimony has strengthened so much! I have had an opportunity to teach 4 real people, so I am ready! For my Spanish, it can always get better but I feel pretty confident in it! I feel like I can get around. I can understand more than I can speak! But I will pick it up quick! My goal is to be fluent by christmas. So if you guys want to talk to me you have to learn Spanish! :) These guys that left today are like my best friends but better! Hahah they are so fun! But this is the Lord's work and I had all these guys for a reason! I hope Josh Carter thinks about a mission, I think it would be great! Because the testimony I have now, If I were to deny this and say it wasn't true, I would be punished severely, my knowledge has grown so much!

Oh and by the way I get to email today because we are leaving tomorrow and they gave us time to tell you! I hope everything is well at home! Everything is good here! I can't wait for the campo!

We drank 269 bottles of orange juice in 2 days and we were trying to build a tower in the room but then the last night everyone had to pack so we only got up 4 levels! haha we started with 64 as our base! But maybe in the next life we can finish it. It was fun drinking about 8 of those every meal! I got plenty of vitamin c!! 

To answer your question mom, my mission was split a couple years back, Jared Lancaster is in the other part. Actually he will probably be with one of these guys in here! Because there are 11 going to Retauleu (Jared's mission) and so my mission is mostly in the mountains where its a lot colder than other places, the other mission is all the coast so it is going to be hot! I'm excited though, the Lord will help me with the language! So I want to go knock on some doors and street contact! yeah! 

Sleeping in the chapels will be fun. I'm excited! I hope I can live in a shack! 

The other mission will come up to see the temple dedication so I think that I will see Chris's brother there! With Uchtdorf! and he is giving us a personal presentation after or before i'm not sure which! 

I leave the CCM tomorrow at 9 in the morning so i'm not sure where you are supposed to send letters yet, but I think that wherever you send them I will get them. So don't worry too much about it. We are travelling by bus, and it is only 8 missionaries going-there are 6 elders and 2 hermanas. So not a huge group! It still rains here without fail!

Oh and we have another baptismal commitment from a kid, he is 10 years old! He is so cute! Haha I was playing fake ping pong with my name tage and then he took me outside to get fruit. I wish I could stay and teach him more! 

The fruit is amazing! You will have to go look for the dragonfruit! it looks way cool and tastes super good.

This is a long email but my time is almost up. I have to pack today! Weird! It will be strange not to be here with all the guys! Oh and you can look at the CCM picture at guatemalaccm.com so you can see all the peopele I have been with the last 6 weeks, there are 2 seperate pictures! Love you guys! I'm not sure when m,y pday will be but i'll let you know. 

Con amor, 
Elder Carter

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