Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 5, 2011

I'm sorry about last week, we had less time on the computers because we thought it was at 1030 instead of 10 so we came up later and only had a few minutes but I wrote a letter, I hope you guys got it. I want to send you a quetzal so you can see how the money is here and each quetzal is worth 7.8 cents.

We went proselyting yesterday and we got 11 references and a lot of people seemed really interested, i am ready for the campo!! (field). My companion has grown on me... I think I will miss him!! But guess what? You remember our ream investigators, the chefs? Well Cristian wants to be baptized. We wont be here for the baptism but he wants to on the 22 of October. And Victor wants to change his life, we havent given him the baptismal interview yet. But we will soon. He is starting to progress, he said he loves reading the Book of Mormon and learning more about the gospel. He feels bad too when his friends invite him out for a beer or coffee but he is a really cool guy, both of them are! I hope Cristian wants to go on a mission after he gets baptized, he is only 18!

But everything is well here! I'm loving it as usual! We are going to have a soccer tournament today at 1030! I am excited to whoop on the natives!

Conference was amazing!! We watched all of it. and there were some amazing talks about everything!@ I love the book of mormon, studying and praying. one thing they used was if you have one leg (the bible) then you cant really walk very well or do other things, but if you have 2 legs (book of mormon AND the bible) then you can run and jump and do all the things, so it is a necessity to have 2!

I hope everything at home is amazing. I have a good collection of ties now, I traded a bunch with the natives!
Much love! Always!
Elder Carter

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