Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October 31, 2011

This week I ate a pig foot!!! haha at a members house, it wasnt that bad, just a little weird texture! oh- we have 3 fechas for bautismo!! on friday!!! I can only write on Mondays- haha thats pday so I am writing. There isn't a computer that I can use at home. 
I haven't been robbed here yet. But that's because we are never in the city! It's a lot worse in the city. 
We walk a lot, a lot of the times the people aren't home and we walk for 45 minutes to get to their house hah or hike is more like it. I hope you like these pictures! There is one of the family that we have 3 fechas with after we did service with them for like 5 hours. One a little of the area, with the chapel. 
But its getting hotter here! But when we go in for meeting we need long sleeve sweaters or suit coat, and my suit coat was completely covered in mold, haha because nothing in our house drys, like i still have books from the first day i got here that are still wet. its crazy so we took it to the dry cleaner today. and i only have short sleeves. not much is new here! haha mail is unheard of here! ha i havent gotten any!! not even dear elders. but that ok! time is going by fast!  am back down to 185 haah so i expect to keep dropping weight. 
Elder Carter

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