Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

**We had some complications with the emails the last couple of weeks- so I dated them for you all :) **

October 24, 2011

We will just start by saying i dont have a maid. We cook all the meals and do our laundry on a rack thing, and we have a little enclosed area to wash ourselves its not a shower by any means haha  its a bucket that we have to heat up on our stove, that doesnt get hot enought to boil haha. so cooking takes a little while, at 6 we have to be back in our houses! because it is completely pitch black by then! Then we study and prepare for tomorrow! 

I am interested in randal!! And tell jay to write me! ha i havent heard from them yet! and i havent heard from laurel since i have been here either! actually i havent gotten any letters or dear elders haha it takes forever here! 

oh and I am in Canquixajá, maybe thats why you couldnt find it. but there are a lot of mountains. we walk at least 10 miles each day, i have lost 12 pounds since i have been here, but thats because i was up to 196 when i got here a week and a half ago. now i am 12 pounds lower. but i am feeling better. i can tell you that i am going to be fit! we have a few investigators that live 45 minutes away that it is up hill then down hill then strait up hill again, no flat ground! it is pretty crazy! it is actually pretty hot here now!! the rainy season is almost over! and then we will be just dryness. we have electricity, and its not that cold here mommy haha 

There is heat when we run the stove but it doesnt get very hot anymore haha. it takes us 2 hours to warm up water. mom, a months worth of food comes home in a little box haha so it is not that much space in the trucks we ride in but im not sure how they fit everyone in there too! i will try to get a picture but it will be hard! because we arent really supposed to take pictures of stuff when people are around! there is a water company thingy that we have to go into Momos to find and so we give our huge jug to Mario who is Catholic and he gets it for us when he goes into town, sometimes its a little long but i have a water filter water bottle thingy, but when we go to peoples houses they usually give us bad water but its ok becasue it doesnt bother me anymore haha well i got a little sick the first couple days bacsue of the difference in altitude and climate change but i am fine now! in Momos they always have people selling rize con chocolate! it is amazing! there isnt a whole lot of rize here! but there sure are a lot of eggs and beens! i have never had this many eggs in this amount of time in my life!

Elder Carter

October 25, 2011
 haha they have a lot of corn here! i told jess this but i did a service project and got killed by ants haha all up and down my legs and a got sunburnt and i got the hottest chile pepper here in my eye! that felt good! haha but i hope you like all these pictures!

There are a lot of little homes here! ha the floors always have stuff on them! and its really humbling! but there are lots of chickens and turkeys here too! there is actually a pretty nice chapel here! it is beautiful! its not way big but it is a chapel! and there are about 60 or so members. not all of them come every week! but i gave a talk last week. i wasnt nervous at all, and the lord helped me a lot! 

we walked a lot this week!! it was kinda crazy! well i teach them when i am over at there houses if they want to learn! there is a recent convert that wants to learn and a couple of the young men groups! oh yeah we are the priesthood teachers too, i didint meantion that! haha all the corn is everywhere you name it and it is there! everyone grows corn, but a lot of it is on the hills and mountains. some people walk 30 minutes to there corn fields and haul it back to there houses on there heads it is crazy! and the women here carry there children on there backs forever! ha and they walk forever! Mom, I dont know if your joints would last with these houses! most of them are about 40 feet straight downhill from the main pathway. and they shower abvout once a week here! becasue we are pretty much the only ones with something close to a shower here. they go into momos to shower once a week. yes, we are basically hiking the whole day haha it it crazy! And i should call the phillipines to come get these dogs! haha they are reaLLY everywhere! a lot try to chase us! 

The temple is about to open here too so they have been talking to the members about it! If dad wants to prepare tell him to read pearl of great price ha that will prepare him more than anything! they cant reallyy tell you anything in the prep classes! well we have 30 investigateors but its usually like a week before we can see them again, everyone is always working here! but we are finding new people as we can, we have a couple kind of promising families! i hope they will be able to feel this power! but we will see! 

i got used to the house! oh and on pdays we have to get up at 3 to heat the water so we can catch the truck by 630 haha so its early on mondays! my companion had to go to the dentist today, i was in the dentist office for 3 hours, then we went to an all you can eat chinese place in momos haha. it was nice for a change. love you guys! tell everyone i say hi! the ward! 

Elder Carter


Elder Carter and his companion- Hotel in Momos

This is Elder Carter in the kitchen... in their casa.

In front of a corn field

The "shower"...

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