Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013


Thank you for working everything out dad!  It all sounds good!  I will email you when I get the new debit card! Thank you again!

What mission in Honduras is Debbie’s son Ethan going to?? Did you ask?
Do you know what my talk will be on for September 8th?? Yeah everyone gives food to us for our birthdays! And cakes! Both years I have been here I ate 2 cakes! It has been great! But it’s not the same as when I am at home for my birthday!

Yes Ana Maria and her daughter Libny got baptized!! I baptized Ana Maria and my comp baptized Libny and it was amazing!! :) I was so happy for them! And I could see how happy they were so that made me feel amazing! We should be baptizing 1 or 2 more families before I leave! We have some families that are progressing! They are super great too! One family has 5 people and another has 2.

Yeah I will have a lot of stuff to do when I get home!!  That will be fun to go camping with the scouts!! Ha-ha I miss that! 

 So mom and dad, how was Silver Lake? I will be going on a lot of hikes when I get home! I like being out in nature!

No way Kimberly turns 17 tomorrow?? Ha that’s crazy!! I can’t believe she is that old already!
Of course I am planning to go visit Jay! Ha I am planning on buying them something. You will have to put like 200 dollars of my money on my card because I want to buy some things for other people. I love you guys a lot!! I will send you pictures in another email! I miss you!
Elder Carter

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