Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 15, 2013


Well guess what?? I lost my wallet!! :( I had my ID and my Debit card from home and my mission card, what can I do??? There isn’t time to send me a new debit card to buy souvenirs is there??

Yeah it was great to have the package from home for my birthday! And yes I got 2 cakes for my birthday and it was good! :) And 3 eggs smashed on my head. Ha, my companion is from Honduras and one sister from here, and they break eggs on heads for their birthdays! Ha so I got to enjoy that!

Dane told me that he is going to stay home; he isn’t going back to Peru. His mom needs his support right now!  This is all so weird! I don’t feel like it is time for me to go home yet. I feel really weird! It will be good for Jessica to be a school for me the first day so I don’t get dropped from any of my classes.

And yes, Ana Maria will be baptized on Sunday! She is super excited!! And me too because she is doing it finally!! We have some good investigators!! One is a family that is going to be baptized in August! My last Sunday here, and another family super big! But we haven’t gotten them to church yet. It’s hard for the market!!

Are you inviting neighbors over for the Bar B Q too?? You should invite someone since the missionaries will be there!! Ha that’s what I want to have when I get home! A BBQ!!
I haven’t had a ton of crazy things happen on my mission! Ha not as crazy as Jack had happen at least! But yeah weeks are going by way too fast! Its weird, I feel like it will just be another change in 5 weeks. Well let me know about my card because I don’t know what else I can do!
I love you and miss you lots!!
Elder Carter

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