Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 14, 2011

Hola!! I onlyget dear elders on wednesday nights. We email wednesday and can only write letters on wednesdays, and how they work the letter is they package them all up for the week and send them to the US and so it takes a lot less time! it is great!

so we went tracting yesterday! haha there was this one guy who was really passionate about what we were saying, in a good way, he was really happy! he wanted to hear more and more! he was maybe 5 inches away from our faces the whole time and talking to us about the spirit we had and how wonderful our message was. there were a few other people who loved the message and we gave them book of mormon's! it was a great day! one family even let us into their house, it was the first door we knocked on, and we taught her and her family a 20 minute lesson. then the ladies daughter came in and started breast feeding her baby in front of us, i guess thats normal, but i didn't see it- my companion did haha i was facing the other way.

this last week went by so fast! i feel like i was just having Pday! its so weird! but it just keeps getting better! next tuesday we get to go to the mall and to the markets! we are going shopping, and everything is way cheap! i ordered some leather scripture cases with pictures engraven and scriptures tambien! they look really cool!

my latin companion has been having me teach him how to wrestle everynight this week! haha its really funny because he always tries to wrestle me! i love it! he is so funny! i'm going to miss him when he leaves! he leaves next week! i've grown to love all of the latins so much!! i dont want them to leave! but next time we go proselyting we get to do it just me and my companion! i am excited! its crazy to think i have been out here a month already and in a different country for 2 weeks!! it just blows my mind! but i know this is what im supposed to be doing and where im supposed to be doing it!

Randy should be excited! this is the most funi have ever had! not having to worry about the friends making bad desicions at home and just being focused on one thing for 2 years is amazing! this place is so humbling! the houses we got to go to were the size of our living room, they were fitting like 3 ladies and 2 kids and that space. every one is catholic or religious in some sort of way, and are so thankful for all the things they have been given! the houses are super small, i just cant beleive it. these latin elders come on missions and they are the only member in there family and have holes in there shoes already, before they even start their mission, they have worked all their life to pay for their mission because their parents dont support them, they have old suits from there parents or even grandparents that dont match and dont fit, but they are all here for the same reason as i am, to serve the lord! i think its amazing! all of the latins are so humble and just want to run everywhere and share the gospel! if i knew more spanish i could too! ha but while we were tracting we gave out 5 bookof mormons and like 20 folletas. 3 books to security guards. there are security guarsds everywhere! i love this place!! im so glad i decided to go on a mission! love you all!!!! give everyone the best from me!

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