Friday, September 23, 2011

September 20, 2011

So I don't have any stamps and they won't have any for a couple weeks! But I can send mail through the Guatemala mail.

Today we got to go barter at the supermercado! It was so cool! Everything was way cheap! I got a few things and they were really cheap because I talked them down a lot! I saw a pig's head chillin on the table in the meat market, and they fry whole fish in the cafeteria! We almost bought one jsut to try it, but didn't! And we got to go to the mall and the museum. We also got to see the map of Guatemala that we saw on Google before I left, it shows the elevation on the mountains and things. I also bought some shoes today, I should have waited and bought all my church shoes here, they have really really nice ones for like 20 dollars in American money for ones that we would pay 130 for in Utah. everything here is super cheap!

We are teaching 2 chefs that aren't members, one of their dads is a Catholic priest and the other one is 18. It is going to be so crazy! We got to teach them yesterday and we are teaching them Thursday tambien! We get the new missionaries tomorrow, there are only 30 people here right now, all white people. My Latin companion didn't have a camera so I gave him my old one! Everything happens for a reason!

When we were out and about we were thinking about buying a puppy! Haha I have a lot of pictures for you! I need to send them home, but I might have to wait until I get to my mission.

I am loving it here! The city and market are so cool! The mall is like the one at home but better! Everything is pretty much the same as at home, I got McDonald's and Taco Bell and ate a ton! It was just great! :) It tasted so good! Maybe because I haven't had it in forever! It still rains every single day here but that is ok, I love it! After sacrament meeting it was pouring and we had to walk back to the CCM from the chapel which is like half a mile... so basically my suit got soaked!! haha but its really great! I dried off!

My tie collection keeps adding up. I am really starting to like soccer, too! I bought a jersey in the market for 6 dollars American money and it is a for reals jersey from the Guatemala team, so the jerseys in Utah for the actual team are like no less than 65 bucks! That is great for the Spencers! Tell Randy to get a lot of ugly ties! The ugliest ones he can find from DI, because he can trade them for really nice ones! Everyone loves ugly ties!

We haven't really had a chance to give out BOM's but we did to those 2 chefs! It was scary when we were about to teach them, but we had talked to them everyday for a couple weeks. These last 3 weeks have flown by since I have been here!

Les amo,
Elder Carter

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