Sunday, October 9, 2011

September 28, 2011

The weather is amazing here! It still rains every day! We get rained on every sunday walking home from the chapel!

We were at the temple Saturday and guess how small this world is? We saw a family from Cottonwood Heights! The kid graduated from Brighton in my class, and the other part of the family was on a mission here 12 years ago and the person getting married was someone he baptized on the mission. And also remember that guy at my farewell that wanted a picture? Well he was at the MTC, I found out thats the MTC president's son. They live right across the street from La Caille, that is their vacation house. They are supposed to go to the stake center for church, but he didnt know for some odd reason so he came to our church on my farewell date! How cool!!

I guess it is really cold where i'm going. There were 2 elders here from that mission. One had pneumonia but they told me that it is beautiful and some areas were only areas who spoke a different dialect like Muhm! I'm excited! But I guess it gets pretty cold because it is in the mountains and we will be sleeping in chapels and churches a lot of the time.

The food is amazing. The beans are amazing! I don't think im going to be able to get used to the food in America! And they have fruit, dragonfruit. It looks like a demon! haha! But they are so good! And i love them! I have never seen a dragonfruit becore.

I play soccer every morning at gym with all the natives! We dont get to watch soccer. haha.

Money doesn't go very fast here because everything is cheap except in the store downstairs on Wednesdays. By the way, Connor Martin is in my district! haha how funny huh?

We have real investigators. Me and my companion talked to the chefs here because none are members, so we are teaching 2 that live together. One is 18 and the other one is 25ish. Neither of them are married, Victor the 25 year old, his dad is a priest in a different church and Cristian the 18 year old is catholic and seems like he is ready to be baptized! They said they are going to watch General Conference with us!

The weeks are flying by! Really! We are doing a companionship exchange this week. For 2 days, so we will see how that goes...

Love you all! It is great to hear from you all! We are about to leave for the temple!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Carter

PS tell the people in the ward thank you for the card!

Its raining cats and dogs here right now! its a good thing I have a big sambria!

My companion's latiba companion who is in our room dropped the F bomb last night... he said, "hey que significa F...!" so we had to teach him not to use that word!

 Hand written letters take about 15 days to get here. The one from the ward was 15 days that is the average here.

We had a fireside last night. One thing that stuck out to me was "We have 2 years to serve and our whole life to remember it."- Tenemos dos anos a sirvir y todas nuestras vidas a recordar.

This country is beautiful, before it rains here birds fly around in a circle in the air and after it rains it is really bright and pretty. I cant wait to get in the field! I looked at one of the languages I might have to learn and there is a lot of X's that all make the shhhh...sound. I'm thankful for the gift of tongues!!

Elder Carter

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