Friday, November 25, 2011

November 21, 2011

Here are some pictures from this week!


There is one from the bus!  For the Temple open house in Xela, we had 3 buses full of people; it was 256 people from our area. There were about 90 people on each bus, like 5 per seat! So, we have a lot of people to talk to now! We have a lot of people we need to contact, and we are working really hard with another family. Hopefully the 27th we will have 5, but that’s not for sure yet. We will see next Monday what happens. We actually had changes. They were going to close the area, and we were going to go to another area, but we talked them out of it because there are a lot of people that need to be baptized here in Canqui.  So we will see these next couple of weeks.  There are a lot from the temple! It is so amazing inside the temple.  I couldn’t believe it! But, it was amazing! The pila bautismal is so beautiful! It’s crazy}! When we were in the Celestial room, they didn’t say anything, They just told us to be quite and listen, so we did, and the spirit was so strong there! You should send me some pictures of a bunch of stuff at home, or old pictures of good times ha-ha because I can print them out in xela next week.  Yes, I got the email from Jay and it was good to hear from him.  He told me he ran into you.. I won’t know the time that I will be calling home on Christmas for awhile. I just know that we are able to call for Christmas.  Last night we slept at the zone leaders house because we were in Momos for stake conference. And I went out teaching with one of the zonies last night. There are a lot of people who like to drink in this area.  It is a rule that we shower everyday ha-ha but its not that bad. The people here only shower once a week, in a hot river. Its 15 quetz for an hour. They only go once a week. But yes, we shower everyday or whatever you want to call it ha-ha.
Yeah it is because of the elections that we may not be able to go to the dedication of the Temple on December 11th.   They just got over and the people are pretty crazy about it haha thats why on election day, we weren’t able to leave. But that’s why we won’t have a meeting with Presidente Uchtdorf, because he needs to leave right after the dedication, because it’s not that safe. 

There is another house we could move into in our area that has a shower, but my companion doesn’t want to move ha, I don’t know why! But we will see what happens. How was the family party?? Ping pong table get any use? Chris did?? That’s great! I figured he would sooner or later! Time flies out here on the mission! I have been out here longer than I was in the CCM in Guate! Yes, we are planning on making a few things to eat for Christmas. We will see whats going on, we have a lot of food invites. We are going to eat good that day!

Love you guys!! Elder Carter

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