Friday, December 2, 2011

November 28, 2011

Hola familia! Yeah the truck was when we went to the stake conference. And this morning we didn’t have the bars on the top to ride in, so we were just sitting on the sides, with about 20 people in it. Ha-ha yup.. a little crammed!  Yeah we had 4 baptisms, but one doesn’t count because it is a kid of a member who just turned 8, and we got to confirm them too! Well, yesterday they told us after they passed the sacrament that we needed to give a talk, and then we taught the classes, filled up the fount, and got the room ready, baptized the kids, and then confirmed them, so we did pretty much everything yesterday.  Our presidente de rama didn’t really want to do much but it was great! Here are some pictures of a few sunsets and the baptism.  We didn’t have a lot of pictures this week, but there are the families. The biggest one when I’m on the ground is the family of our the presidente de rama, he is in the back. The other family is the family of Hermana Fransisca, they are great! ha but now all of the family are members except Milton, the littlest one. But they were inactive when we found them. We didn’t even know they were members until we had taught them for a month ha-ha, but they are great! And we are working with another family, it is only the husband and the wife because their other son is only 6 and his oldest son is 20 and lives in Xela, so we will see how that goes. We have worked with them. I already have sent you pictures of them. 
How did Justin do in the meet?? I’m excited to see the pictures of the Christmas tree! Here they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so we played fút (soccer) and had pancake night on Sunday. But other than that nothing, because no one here knows that holiday. But oh well! We aren’t moving yet, but I think that after this next change we are going to leave to another place and I think we will get new compañeros too, but we will see. Yeah. About those 15 tamales that Josh had in one day in Guatemala, I have had more than that at the house of Everaldo and his familia, our investigators. Because, when we work there, we are there all day, and they feed us breakfast and lunch ha-ha. They don’t eat a lot here. But, on Christmas, everyone told us pig and turkey and all of the animals that are running around their house, so we will see. But there will be tomalitos that’s for sure! Sounds like a party! Did you tell everyone I say hi? I bought a sweater here for 10 quetz which is like $1.50 ha-ha. And we didn’t go to Xela today.  But we are for sure going next week because we have to buy food! So hopefully, I can get the package then! 

Yeah, I got the newsletter, thanks to Brother Sparks.  Sounds like you are going to eat well on Christmas! This week I think I’m going to lose some weight again ha, because we don’t really have food ha-ha. But I am going to buy some more eggs and beans before we leave here tomorrow! :) But I like it! I eat a lot of fried egg sandwiches! Mostly this actually ha-ha. Love you guys! Hope all is well at home! 


  1. Hi Bryan, sounds like you are keeping the chin up. Grandpa Carter talked to Bill and Darlene and Joys house. They were telling him what a remote area you are in. I guess that is why those kind of missons are for young strong people like you. The older we get the more we depend on th comforts of home. Grandpa is driving a school bus now to help us get by financially, plus he likes to work. He said he will work as long as he can. He has Parkinsons dsease so we never know ho long he will be able to but he has worked since he was about 8 years old. He has always been that wa. He started knocking on neighbors doors when he was just a little boy looking for odd jobs...mowing lawns, shoveling snow, pickin up trash, or doggie droppings, running errands anything for a quarter. He is such a wonderful Man. We have no been marrid over 25 years. He treats me as good today as when we were dating. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have found him and married him. Bryan we are proud of you and your dedication to serve in the way that you are. We pray for you always. We love you. Stay safe, stay strong. Love Grandm and Grandpa Carter. Now that I've found your blog with th help of Jess we will check in and say hi

  2. Hi Rob, I havejust a few minutes. Grandpa is already snoring away. Its so cold here today. We woke up to 16 degree temp. Grandpa went through a lot of our paper work today. The not so fun stuff like paying bills, submiting claims to insurance co. Bla bl bla bla bla. It used to be an easy task for me to tackle a pile of paper work and deal with things but since Ben died its as though my brain died with him. I have amuch harder time rememberimg things andnavigating my way around what should be simple tasks. Stay young Rob. Its the you, proud of you...Grandm and Grandpa Carter

  3. So sorry I called you rob, you handsome guy you. Bryan, I know your name

  4. Hi Bry Guy, is there an address where we can send you a pkg? I just might get around to making Christmas Caramel. We would love to send you some. Love you, The Gramsters