Friday, November 25, 2011

November 14, 2011

Thank you Mom for the recipes, we will be using some of those because we need some stuff for Christmas. We have been invited to 4 houses for food that night, so I think we will be doing a lot of eating that day. I am going to be able to kill a chicken and pig for Christmas, that will be fun! But I guess it’s really weird to have any invites to dinner. I guess people just like us ha-ha, but its way different here. No one has silverware and no one has tables, but they usually have plates enough to eat.  But it will be exciting to eat! They are killing a huge pig for the branch this year.  I don’t know if it’s for Christmas or Thanksgiving? But I guess devils day is the 7th of December, and we can’t leave our house this day ha-ha because they do some crazy worshiping of the devil in all of Guatemala.   The new stove we bought is great! It finally gets hot enough to cook pasta!
Yeah well we warm up the water in the bucket, for our showers, but in the mornings here it is freezing, so it doesn’t do a lot of good ha-ha. I need a teacher for Mayan language but no one can read here so its hard  I am picking words up every here and there though. Those 3 baptisms, we have to wait until they are finished with school because school here is only Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   So when she is finished we will have them. Hopefully the 27th of November! That’s the date for right now. But we have been doing a lot of service with them and visiting a lot, so I think they are for sure set! I am a teacher here too. I have to teach every week, because there aren’t enough people here that can read to be teachers. I sent a picture of how skinny I am!

 I am like during wrestling maybe skinnier! I am excited to make eggnog!!! That will be amazing! Yes, please send me pics of the family party and the snow!! And at the family party, tell them they can email me if they have questions about anything! Yeah I will have to find out how I’m gonna send this package home! Love you guys!! If you have more questions let me know!! 

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