Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011 (part 2)

**This email was actually from today...**

my week was alright, i got food poisoning, haha because my salchichas were bad! oh and our power was out for 2 days but other than that great!

 i went on a division with Pancá and chopped with a machette, wrecked my hand, i had 6 blisters, dug up a whole garden and replanted the whole thing haha, then carried like 80 pounds of sand up to some guys house from a river that was like 10 minutes away 3 times, but it was fun! i like the exersize! im pretty sure i lost another 10 pounds this week haah cuz i was sick so i didnt eat at all that day, they the  next day we had to cook with a fire outside our house. and then i walked to Panca and thats like an hour and a half away. i did that twice, then saturday we had a baptism! i sent the pictures to mom! hopefully she got them! i re sent all of the pictures and emails to mom haah so i hope she gets them all. 

Halloween here is sad, they make it a sad thing. i dont like it! i wish we had halloween parties and stuff! but oh well! yeah i wont see snow forever here! there is none! but the area is still cool! i am getting used to it! when i went to panca i missed my area, and the people in it! not a lot happened this week!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter earning his blisters

Elder Carter and his companion building a fire for cooking

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