Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011

Pictures from branch Christmas party.

Yeah it was great to talk to all of you on Christmas Eve! It felt like I was just down the street. I have gotten use to the mission and I really like it! I really am very glad that I chose to serve!! Yes Mom, it does prepare me for marriage but that is a little ways off ha-ha. 

Well they are changing the leaders really soon! We talked to the mission president about it and he is sending his people in to change it all up! Yes the cake we made at the Chapel was amazing! I am so glad we had something to eat that was sweet for Christmas, and all the candy we had that you guys sent me for Christmas.  I gave a lot of starbursts away at the Christmas party because the Rama didn’t buy any sweets or prizes for the kids. I am happy for Jessica and Chris. I had a feeling about Chris before I left actually that he might be it! But that’s just the feeling I had.  That’s good that Christmas dinner went well and that everyone is doing well!!!  Did you make funeral potatoes?? or your pasta salad?? I miss those!!

Yesterday we didn’t do a whole lot!  (Christmas). We watched a couple of church movies and then we went to one of the members who is pretty sick, but he doesn’t have money to go to the doctor! So he may never heal.  It sounds like when I had my rib out of place and it was pressing on nerves, but I don’t know.  This next week that comes we aren’t going to have any time to work because right now we are here in Xela for pday and we are staying here tomorrow because we have meetings, then Wednesday too, we have interviews with the Mission President, then Thursday we go back to our area. Friday we go to Xela to have a reunion for the trainers.  Church on Sunday was pretty full.  Actually more full than normal. But I love you all!!

Be safe! 
Con Mucho Amor 
Elder Carter

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