Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

Yes it was great to talk to you all on Christmas Eve and, no, I didn’t get in any trouble haha, well not yet at least! Who knows!  That’s great that Matt is going to serve a mission! Sherrie is coming?? Tell her I say hi!! Yeah, well New Years Eve, we had like 10 appointments ha-ha and at all of them they gave us food! And everyone wanted us to stay super late! We were supposed to be in the house by 6:00pm, but we had way too much stuff to do! So we ate tamales at every house we went to ha-ha, and they were good, but just way too many.  And then they gave us like 6 yesterday too. So I have eaten a lot of tamales. There is a photo of the tamales too, when we were eating them.   We were doing fireworks and watching them.  All around us were fireworks; like the whole sky was lit up and it was crazy!  Last night we came to the zone leader’s house because I didn’t think we were supposed to go out and teach. When we got to Momos Central, there were drunk devils every where! Like these guys dress up as devils and get super smashed and dance around, they were all over the place, and they say that it’s some tradition they do every year. I found out that my zone leader is going to be the assistant to the Mission President. 

Yeah, we already had the training to be a trainer; it was just a couple hours in Xela on Friday, and on the way there, the bus got in an accident. The people here drive crazy and I am surprised that this is the first time I have seen an accident!  So they took us about half the way to Xela, and then we got on another bus that didn’t take us far enough, so we got on another bus to get closer and then we still had to walk pretty far. Ha-ha, it was a crazy day.  I will be training another missionary in the same area that I am already in,  and I think that I will be here for another 3 months (2 changes), but I like the area. And they are working on the leaders right now, and they should be changed soon.  Hopefully.  Yes, it is still freezing! This morning wasn’t so bad! I had to go to Xela with the zone leaders to drop off the other zone leader to be the assistant  to the Mission President and it wasn’t so bad.  It’s colder here than in Utah right now!!  It gets cold in Xela though.  But in the day it is hot! 

I am excited to see the pictures of the wedding!! Joy’s older girls are as tall as you are already?? Well yeah who knows how tall they will be by the wedding in May.  And Justin is getting taller too!  Love you guys too!!! Have a good week! 

Con Mucho Amor 
Elder Carter

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