Friday, December 9, 2011

December 5, 2011

                                                    out tracking, on the way to Sicalvé 

Yeah, the sunsets are crazy here! And, no, there is not heat in the chapel. ha-ha It was freezing this week, but this week we only had sacrament because they did interviews to go to the dedication of the temple, so we didn’t have classes. Yeah, we buy the bread from the family that makes it up here and it’s pretty cheap so they always have it, and we are the only ones who buy it. I’m not really sure what a tomalito is ha-ha, but it’s like a tortilla but in a ball ish thing, made out of ground corn and water and I don’t really know but they are alright. My mission president is from the United States, it is the same one that is in the packet that was sent before I left on my mission. He is new. I was the 3rd group to come in for him, so he is fairly new.   Good for Justin on his wrestling match!. Some things I was going to ask for were raspberry sticks and orange sticks. I don’t really need anything because, most stuff I can buy here for way cheap from Paca.  Matt”s putting in his papers?? I for sure want to know where he is going to serve! No I didn’t get an email from Hal, but maybe I will in these next few weeks. 

How was the Christmas party? We are going to have one on the 23rd for our Rama. They are going to have a huge pig and talent night, ha well we are making it happen. I don’t know what the Rama is going to do when the missionaries are taken out of the area! ha-ha Garret gets home in 18 days?? what?? He has already been gone for 2 years? That’s crazy! That food sounds so good!! ha-ha we had some eggs this week, well actually my companion’s family went to Guatemala to the temple, so one of the members went to pick up his package and it was a bunch of food from Honduras and this tropical banana drink that was way good! So we ate that Honduras food and drank the drink! 

So I sent a package home today and I didn’t have enough money on the card so I used regular money and then went to the ATM to get the money off the card, so I think it is empty. This week we killed a chicken, you have to strangle it. So we did it for a recent convert family, the most recent. And then we picked corn for them and after they had the chicken all cooked up for us in a really good soup! Chicken is really good fresh! My companion  got to eat the head and I was super jealous!! In the package I sent home,  there are alborotos which is our snack from the tienda in our area! It’s my favorite! They are 50 centavos each which is 4 cents about, and they are really good! So enjoy them! There are only 3.  It is really cold here now! In the morning it is soooo cold! But I am going to buy another sweatshirt, so I can stay warm, maybe some sweats too. We went to a place called Sicalvé this week and we invited 5 people to be baptized there. They said missionaries had never gone there, but we will see how that works out. It’s about an hour away from our house, down a steep mountain and up a steep mountain; we passed by the river, those are the pictures on there! And I was wondering if you could send the picture of the 5lb burrito from Cali?? 

                                               Crossing the river on the way to Sicalvé

Love you all, have a good week!
Elder Carter

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  1. A few months ago if someone would have asked me what we thought Bryan would be doing a few days before Christmas, killing a chicken would not have been on the list. At least you will be prepared for what ever tough times you will have ahead of you in this life when you get home from your mission. Now we, on the other hand have gotten so use to the comforts of home that we are not prepared. We will count on strong men and women like you to look after us old folks. We just got home from the Christmas party. A good time was had by all. All the cousins were there and they all brought their boyfriends or girl friends. Tyler is excited about meeting you when you come home. It seems like something or someone was missing. Oh yea, Brian it was you. You have grown to be such an amazing and handsome man. We would be proud even if you weren't so dang good looking, but it doesn't hurt!!!! Keep the chin up, then when you get home you can teach me how to do the same. Grandpa Carter doesn't do computers but he loves you and wants you to kno you are his pride and joy. :)