Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 16, 2012

Ready for the roof
Yes, all is well with my new companion. He likes to sleep a lot! I’m not really sure what they are going to do the house upgrades or when ha-ha.  They never seem to do anything here, but hopefully soon.  Well, the new heater is great that the Mission President brought up to us, but the last 2 days we haven’t had power or water to shower or see in the dark. The heater doesn’t do any good without power. The member with all the health problems is in the hospital for 2 months to get healed, and then he can come back. I think when he gets back I will already be gone.  But he will get healed, so he is doing well with the family. Sounds like you are having a lot of get togethers with the family, which is very good! We have been eating with the members because we haven’t been able to cook without power, so a lot of cereal and food from the members.  Actually we ate some cow feet soup and it was actually way good! The feet have a different texture, but it’s really good! And we have eaten with Tanos family 2 times this week. 

Yeah, I really want to learn how to play the guitar while I am here, and so hopefully I can learn with these new guys here in the mission.  On the HLJ rings (CTR in Spanish) I brought with me, I have started giving them out, but more people want them. Ha-ha so ... I might need some more!

Oh Black Bear Restaurant sounds really good! The people here work 8 hours a day and make a total of 5 dollars, and that is crazy!  One of the recent converts gave me a shirt and my companion pants; they are so nice and giving here!  They want to give all that they have to us. We helped again building the house this week. And this next week, we are building another house with another person. We are working hard, and trying to do what we can in this area. But sometimes it’s a little tough!

Love you! 
Elder Carter

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