Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 23, 2021

Hola Familia! 

Avalanche control in the mountains in Utah??  Sounds intense, but I remember how bad it gets! Yes we got our power back, but one night it went out again, and the water was off 1 day but that’s normal. We don’t always have water or power. The member who has been so sick is going to a different hospital because they don’t know what is wrong with him. So he is going to Guatemala City to get checked out. But he should be in there for the rest of the time I’m in this area. Yeah we always go visit his family so we get updates and some of the members here go visit him and so they tell us what’s going on. Yes, the Spanish CTR rings would be the best if you could :) because everyone wants some ha-ha and some 1 dollar bills also. Yes we are working hard here! But right now we have some prospects for baptism! We are working with a couple of teenagers in Sicalbe and they have been coming to the activities we have, and so hopefully they can get to church! We gave them a tour of the church and they said they felt something different and that they are going to keep coming to our church.  That is what we need. We are going to do divisions with the zone leaders and they are going to come to visit the people in our area with us. But yeah we are doing all we can working with the members! There was an earthquake here Saturday when we were doing service and it shook the whole house. It was during lunch! We shelled corn for 5 hours on Saturday and I was so tired! I am going to send more pictures in dads email because we won’t have so much time today.  But we have some hard work! On Tuesday in Momos some guy came up to us and started talking in English and said he wants to be baptized.  He just came from the coast and wants to join our church, but it’s not our area so we gave it to the zone leaders. 

Yeah, Tom was telling me that Taylor wants to go on a mission and he is working hard and doing what he needs to do to go! How great!! That is good to hear! But I want him to email me. Yeah I am going to email Lando!  He is getting blessed! Both of my companions have asked if they came to the U.S., if they could stay at our house ha-ha, and of course I said yes!! Hah, just kidding.. ha-ha. So you and Dad are still dancing as usual, sounds fun.  I am going to send a package home I think for dads Birthday and then I can put all the gifts to you, Jessica and Dad in it. We will see when I can send one! As a zone we are reading the Book of Mormon in 20 days! It will be great! And we are working hard as ever! We have some pretty positive investigators, so we are hoping for the best right now! 

In a couple other pictures I will send, it just looks like mountains, but far away you can see the church and that’s how far away we were from our house. Ha-ha you will see it. I am sending more pictures to Jessica, so make sure and get them from her. 
Love you all! 
Elder Carter

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