Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

Elder Carter and his new companion Elder Rodriguez
Need new shoes?
Thank you for the pictures! And how was Sherrie’s visit??  No!! You made funeral potatoes?? I miss those ha-ha, and I miss macaroni salad with the cucumbers!  But we are eating a lot of tomalitos.  This week we didn’t really have food because we didn’t have time to go buy it.  So, we just left back to our area with some beans and eggs, but that’s normal ha-ha. Yeah, I saw the picture of the snow you sent and it looks great!  When there is more, send more pictures. Guess what?? Our president of the mission came to our area this week and spent almost the whole day Wednesday with us. He brought us new stuff for the area. He brought us new mattresses and a heater and a new stove.  They are going to build a shower and put a new ceiling in our casa (house) so they are going to change the house a lot.  And then they are going to build a new one for like 5 months from now so I will never see it. Ha-ha, but it’s working out great.  I got my new companion this week, Elder Rodriguez, and he is from Honduras, Choluteca.  He is a very humble missionary and we have been working hard this week, and time flew!!  He is the first missionary in his family, and a convert of 4 years.  He is a lot like me! Ha-ha, a lot a lot! But i like it!  It has been freezing this week, but we have a new heater and our house was cozy last night! I bought 7 new ties for a total of like 3 dollars on Tuesday when I went to pick up my new companion.  We helped build a house this week, and we are going to finish helping Tuesday with one member, and then with an investigator Wednesday. This week we are super busy! One of our recent converts is really sick, and he has something wrong with his back and lungs and everything. And since we got new mattresses, we took the old ones to him because they sleep on wood. So that can’t help his back!  Hopefully the mattresses will! 

Helping build a house
Lots of weddings in the family coming up soon, sounds fun.  Yes I think I will be in the same area for 3 more months, but I really like the area! It’s the second worst in the mission, but I love it!  The people are amazing here! And there must be something I have to do in this area.  We are working hard though. It is dry right now, well the dry season, but it still rains sometimes; it just depends on the week. Yes, if David Archuleta was my companion that would be weird!  But I am going to learn how to play guitar because there are a few missionaries who have learned in the mission and they are going to teach me. It starts warming up in February, at least that’s what the people here, say, but who knows!  But yes, we are trying to work as hard as we can! Send more pictures! :) Love you all! 
Miss you! 
Elder Carter

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