Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2021

Hola Familia!! 

Josh Oliver went on a mission?? That’s great news!! I didn’t know he was thinking about one.  I want to go into the temple in Xela but I don’t think I will be able to until I leave this area.  Those pictures are pretty crazy of the Tornado in Alabama.  Gentry must be having fun cleaning up! Thank you!  I don’t know what else I would need for you to send me right now. But we saw a church movie that you guys would love last pday. It’s called 17 Miracles.  It’s about the pioneers and you would love it!  The Book of Mormon reading is coming along great! I am learning a ton.  I never knew so much about this book. It’s amazing when you study it, you can feel the power of the words and the prophets that are speaking.  I like to imagine myself in their position to see what I would do! Like Ammon and his 14 year mission!! Or Abinidi. Like would I be willing to be burned to death in my mission for telling people to repent??  That’s a tough one! But I never really knew how to study this well at home.  But here I love it. And right now all I want to do is read the book of Mormon. 

Ha-ha a new refrigerator?? What color?? And new chairs? I am not going to recognize the place! Yeah the orange chairs are always there to fall back on if the others have problems. Oh, some Wingers would be nice! Ha-ha, always bragging about your food. But the dinner at Wingers for Jessica’s Birthday sounds like it was a nice night! And of course you can’t miss square dancing on your Birthday. Hah, you are funny! But happy birthday early Mom!! I hope you have a good one! I am sending a package home when I find time. Ha it’s already the super bowl?? Wow that was fast! 
The teenagers they are teaching
Shower problems
With the teenagers that we are teaching, they were talking about missions the other day. But first we need to get them to church! Ha-ha they haven’t come yet except for the activities. Well they live like an hour away or an hour and a half. But they come to all of the activities ha-ha, so I don’t understand. That’s a huge problem in our area because no one wants to walk to church.  Probably because it’s so far and no one has cars! There are a few houses that we are helping build.  One we finished, and we are going there tonight to do family home evening.  We are actually learning from some members.  On the Mayan language, I can understand more than I can speak, but we are trying to pick it up. Yeah we teach Sunday school and priesthood every week, but it’s alright. We have been assigning priesthood lessons to the guys in the class when we can.  This last Sunday I was in Xepon with another elder, elder Brown from California. We walked there, which from Canquixaja is about 4 and a half hours ha-ha. I was a little bit tired when we got there. But in Xepon they don’t have power. There are some people with gas generators, but mostly people live without. But the chapel there is tiny!  It’s about the size of our primary room for the whole church, so very tiny. Well, last night it actually rained a lot! It’s not supposed to rain until April, but it already has rained like 4 times ha-ha. So they say the rain will come earlier, because every day it rains, it takes off a month without rain. So it should come soon!!  And still they haven’t fixed our shower. Ha-ha, the whole thing fell apart, but hopefully they’ll get to it soon!!

les extraño
ka tin waj!! todos!
Elder Carter

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