Monday, February 13, 2012

February 6, 2012

Andrew is going to Chile??? That’s great!  Alex is already coming home? That was fast! Tell everyone I say hi!!!  We have eaten almost every meal with the members this week. We only ate 4 times at our house and we ate some plants from the river with a member, and it was actually really good! I liked it a lot. Every week we go to eat on Sunday with a family, Hna Vinancia and we get a lot of variety with food! The book of Mormon reading is great! I am about half the way through Alma because a lot of the days I don’t have a whole lot of time to read, so it is taking more than 20 days for me to read it!

There are a few investigators that have family in the ward, so we are working with them a lot this week. Hopefully we can do something with them. My new companion and I are getting along good as always however, he is a little rebellious at times, but I try to keep him in line! It’s hard sometimes because he doesn’t realize the importance of being obedient, but I am teaching him. We made cookies this week for Hna Vinancia! Ha-ha we ate a few ourselves too! Well it’s really cheap, or pasta that is cheap too! There are a bunch of things you can make for cheap! Happy late Bday Mom!! How was your birthday?? That member Hno Santos is really sick! We all went to his house Thursday to have Mutual, and we gave him a blessing.  I have given like 15 blessings this last week, but I can feel the power of the Lord working through me when I do! Monday we had a family home evening with one of the counselors, there are a few pictures with dad, we gave a little message and it was really good. When you send the package can you send lemon bars?? I have been craving those! This week we got to make adobe with a member. When I send a package home I will send a DVD with all the pictures that I have and videos and you can see the adobe and how they make it. Love you guys! And miss you!!

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