Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

Hey Familia!!

Yeah you will gain weight in the MTC, it happened to me! But he will lose it again when he starts walking and eating less in the field!  And yeah the men can leave when they are 18 years old now!

Yeah I have already been here for over 6 months!! That’s crazy huh?? We have one of the unlocking the Book of Mormon, but in Ki'che that we gave it to a member! We gave the cookies to the family that gives us food like 5 or 6 times a week! Ha-ha Hna Venancia, and so we are always over at that house. It’s like hanging out with Jess and you guys and that’s where we are going to kill the 2 ducks to eat for dinner. We found out that we are going to stay in Canqui another change maybe more ha-ha, but for at least one more change. I didn’t want to leave but in some ways I did too, because we just don’t have a whole lot of people to teach. But we are working hard to get more people. We made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, but we bought the mix and then just put in butter and an egg, so it was really easy! We just ask the branch president for the keys to the Chapel and we go. Or there is one other family that has keys, so we can borrow from either one! And yes we baked them in the chapel. Well I would enjoy a chocolate covered apple too, ha-ha. Gma and Gpa Carter sent me a package with their homemade caramels, and more candy, and it was good to get some caramel! And Sweet tomatoes?? He is taking you out for Valentines Day? How sweet!  About the member who has been so ill, well the doctor said it was chronic and it was in his lung! So we aren’t sure what it is, but we keep praying for him and we all did a fast for him. We have faith that he will be healed.

Well we aren’t doing a whole lot of building or adobe right now, but we cut a lot of wood; trees and firewood for everyone. So we are learning how to use an axe and machete. Right now in the mornings we usually do service and in the afternoon we go out to teach and in the night we visit the members! They always give us food! We have only paid about 4 dollars for food this month! The members are great! This week we caught a snake and scared the members! Ha-ha, there is a picture that I sent to Dad.. And there is a picture where I am washing my clothes! That’s where we do it all! We also help with the seminary class here and we have to round up all the kids to come to it! We really have to work with them! They are also building a house for us behind the church and they started this week, so we will have it in a few weeks!!

There are a few families that have family in the church that live in Sicalbe that we are visiting and they are really positive! So we will see what will happen with them!
Love you all! We are going to eat the snake when we catch another one!
Elder Carter

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