Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 20, 2012


Making Adobe Bricks
Chopping fire wood
Dad used the snow blower for the first time in February! Ha-ha that’s funny! Well Chelsea’s wedding should be great! I wish I could be there!  Wish them the best for me! We are planning on baking some goodies too! Ha-ha but we don’t know if they are going to be for us or our members or investigators. We have progressing investigators! There are 4 that came to church this week! Ones name is Fernando and he had a dream that he was a missionary getting off the plane in missionary clothes in another country! And he said he wants to complete this dream. He was talking to the president of the Rama and he said he wants to get baptized! So we are hoping for the best! Well Mom, I would have called you on your birthday but I wasn’t allowed to! But I will be calling on Mothers day. Well you will be calling me I guess! Alright, the package you are going to send by FedEx or DSL should get here fast too! The one from Grandma and Grandpa Carter got here in 1 week. But Laurel’s still hasn’t gotten here yet, but it should soon!

My visa card expires in June of this year, so not for a little while! If we stay in Canqui we aren’t going to need much money! We eat almost every meal with the members now! Ha-ha we have eaten dinner 1 time in the last 4 weeks in our house. And we’ve only eaten lunch in our house 3 times. The only thing we eat in our house is breakfast, so it’s great!

Well they said the new house will be done by the end of March. And I think that I might be gone by then. So I may never see the house! Ha-ha but you never know! There will be a bathroom but it will be outside. There are never bathrooms inside in Momos. And I don’t think that there is such a thing as central heating in Momos. We will have our little heater, but it’s starting to get warmer, so it is fine! We won’t need it a lot longer. We still will have our water heaters and stove to heat water. Ha-ha they don’t get hot water here. It just comes out cold and then you warm it. It’s pretty weird! The new house will be a little bit bigger than the one we have now, but set up better.  One room will be the kitchen and the other the bedroom and study area. So it will be a lot better!

 I haven’t weighed myself in forever. I will weigh myself in 2 weeks when we go to Xela again! So we will see how much I weigh! I think I am like 180 or something. Yeah I always love to hear from the missionaries and the ward members. But we are working hard. Well actually I am District Leader and Trainer. So they are putting me to work! But I like it! I would love to be there for the sealing but that is awesome! That is such a great blessing that I can enjoy when I get home. And then forever we can all enjoy it! That’s one of the reasons why I love the gospel. Right now there are 2 youth who are going to seminary. The other youths don’t talk so they don’t want to participate or aren’t allowed to go. But if we don’t go then the 2 boys don’t go. This Wednesday we are having a party for seminary! So we will get some chicken and French fries and cake! That will be nice! We try and keep the boys in line! But we are working hard, and finding new people!

Love you all!
Elder Carter

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