Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Here it has been really hot this week and I have been dying!  But we have done some service for our investigators, all day Friday! Yes, I was a little bit nervous before my mission, but more just excited! I just wanted to get out and serve!  We didn’t end up making cookies this week because we didn’t have time! We have too much stuff to do! The investigators are great! We were talking with him this week, and he told us that he had met with other missionaries before and never wanted to come to church, and never wanted to listen to them! But he said something was different with us, so we can see that we are meant to be in this area and teach him and his family.  He was going to get baptized in the Evangelist church but they charge 250 quetz which is a lot here!! Like 40 dollars! That’s crazy!  That will feed a whole family for a whole month! But this family is great! I would love it if he went on a mission!! How amazing would that be? 

Yes I got Laurel’s package last Monday in the night! It was filled with candy and treats!! ;)  We eat a lot with the members! We eat a lot of eggs and beans, and with some family’s carneasada or fried chicken depends on the day! But rice peas, a lot of tortillas and tomalito! But it is good usually.  When we eat we get an egg and some beans, but I get filled up with the tortillas or tomalitos, so it works out well! Well as district leader I take stats every night and I go on more divisions with the elders and work with them more! And they call me for permission to do stuff, so it’s pretty cool. I like it because I get to help them and I get to talk to the missionaries every night! And training others is good. I don’t fell like I am training because I am so used to it! But the time is going by really fast! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the weeks go by this fast! The seminary party was good just that I got sick after. We had fried chicken, fried rice, and cucumber with tortillas, but the chicken was out all day. They bought it at 11 and it was out until 6 so I got a little sick, just for the night, and then I was fine!  But we are going to have cake for next week, so it will be good! 3 people came, plus us and the teacher! But it was good, one more than usual. I miss Josh Jensen’s little girl!! There are so many little kids here that I am in love with!! 

Ha-ha, Chris’s “YES Dear” shirt, that’s a good one! He better get used to saying that after he marries Jessica. Yes keep me updated on Jared! But I hope he can be batboy! That would be great for him! 

Love you all! 
Elder Carter

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