Monday, March 12, 2012

March 5, 2012

Hi Family,

There are some of my friends here in the mission that are leaving to go home 2 months from today! Yes, we loved the candy that Laurel sent! When did Josh start working at Auto Zone? Yeah, Gavin married Tessika, and if you look at the prom picture from my senior year, she is his date. Trek is this summer?? I wanted to go! Ha-ha, but that’s good that everyone wants to hear about the mission. It is great we are working with our future missionary a lot! He is a great kid and smart, and I love his family! I don’t want to leave Momos. I think I am going to be going to Xela, but I don’t want to go to the city! 

My companion is doing alright! He still has a bunch to learn, but don’t we all?? We always work hard and sometimes it is hard for him because he isn’t used to it, but he is getting used to it. We were moving adobe for 5 hours on Saturday. These blocks weigh like 60 to 70 pounds, each one. Adobe is the stuff that they make their houses out of. It’s dirt and pine needles, but it is heavy. We moved 300 blocks!! Ha-ha, I was so sore after. The temperature here is about 80 ish, something like that, but it depends on the day! We will be getting cake in the next couple weeks! That would be great to have new shoes! Ha-ha, my other ones died. I got them fixed once, but I can feel the rocks on my feet now! But the Eccos are still going strong! 

This week Hno Santos died. He is the one from our rama who has been so sick. He died on Thursday in the morning, and they buried him Friday in the afternoon. They had a ton of people over! What they do here is they rest from everything for 9 days and they don’t even shower!  But they just fix up the house and get rid of everything basically, but that’s what they always do here.
Love you all!! I am sending pictures to you of our second family!!
Elder Carter

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