Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Hola Family,

Here they don’t have daylight savings time! It’s kind of weird! Our future missionary is doing great! We put a fecha to be baptized this next Saturday with him, and he said he will let us know, but his brother and sister said they would be baptized on the 17th of March! So we will see if we are going to have a baptizam! I sure hope so! But we are working hard!  This week we have a conference with president Bautista, and we are doing divisions with the zone leaders, and one is going to come to Canqui to work with me. President Bautista told me that I was going to Xela on the next change. But I have already been in my first area for 5 months and by the time I leave it will be 6 months! That’s a lot actually.  Another month has already gone by, and it seems so fast! I have been on my mission for 7 months already!! Super crazy! It’s baseball season already?? Is Hylan a sophomore now or a freshman? I would like some big cherry candies and maybe some dollar bills, to give to people! But that is pretty much it I think. I can’t think of anything right now! But thank you! I need some shoes so it’s great that Dad bought some to send! Yeah, we are serving a lot! But sometimes the people don’t want us to serve them, they just want to feed us! Ha-ha
That is great that there are a lot of couple missionaries out! But that’s cool that the Noel’s are going to Siberia, Russia on their mission! And Japan, where the Ross’s are, is pretty cold too! Well not as cold as Russia! I have a friend there! Dad met him at the DMV and he is in Russia right now! He didn’t have water for 24 hours?? Ha-ha, we don’t have water for weeks at a time! People from Xepon in my district bathe in the river because they never have water or power! And have you not driven the truck since I left?? I hope we are setting a good example for our perspective missionary.  He said he really wants to serve a mission, so hopefully he will!!

That is amazing that  Lando is almost out of the MTC!
Yeah time flies here! It’s unbelievable! Ha-ha, but of course you aren’t counting! This week I almost died doing service.  We went to cut trees with our investigator and there was one like on a cliff!  So we had to pull it down sideways so it wouldn’t go in the river. And it was huge, and they said when it starts falling we run. But my companion isn’t really that fast, so the tree almost smashed me! Ha-ha, but I lived! And here they don’t have a Home Depot, so they have to cut the wood for the houses out of trees! It’s a lot more difficult, especially when it is on a cliff. But love you all! Miss you!
Elder Carter

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