Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19, 2012

Hola Familia!!!
Yeah that's good that we are on the same time now, so now there is no confusion! We didn’t end up having the baptisms! He ended up having a huge grudge on his dad and his uncles and grandpa and he wants to repay the debt before he gets baptized! But we went over there with the zone leaders to teach them and watch a movie and eat, but we forgot the movie in Momos which turned out to be the best thing possible because we found out his problems that he needs to fix before he gets baptized! But then the day after he felt fine and was talking about his mission again and getting baptized this next Sunday. But on Sunday he talked to the president and the president said that Fernando told him that he was going to extend it another week because he had some stuff to take care of! Which isn’t a good sound! But my companion has to go talk to him this week... because I can't walk ha-ha. I kinda broke my foot! :/ and this week I had a gringo week!! And I loved speaking English all week. Elder Robinson was in Canqui with me for Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday we went to Xepon to do a baptismal interview and we had to stay because there weren't any cars to get back. So we made carne asada and listened to the guitar and bathed in the river! Ha-ha because they don’t have water.  Well I was going to go to Huehue, but I think I will be in the office because I can't walk! So I will get the package you are sending a lot faster once it gets here!

Alex is already coming home?? Wow!! That was fast!! It doesn’t feel like it should be that long! Yeah, well I hope I come home in one piece too!! Ha-ha, my companion carried me to church on Sunday because I can't walk!! It's not that close either, like 10 minutes, but in the mountains. Yeah, it is great Jessica has so much support for her wedding! And it is so soon! I am happy for them! I am sure that Dion will be honored to be dad's escort at the temple!! We still teach every week in church but it's great! Sometimes it is a little bad because the boys are rowdy at church, but I guess it is showing me how I was in church! I loved the picture of you guys square dancing! I put it on my memory card to print it off! Ha-ha to show everyone!!! But this week was really fun!! One of the funnest in the mission! And then I broke my foot Saturday night.. ha-ha, but in another 8 weeks I will be as good as new. 5 weeks to take the cast off and another 3 of rehab! But it is all good!! :) Love you all!
Elder Carter

We will be asking him next week HOW he broke his foot!!

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