Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 24, 2012


My P-day is now Saturday because I am in the office because of my broken foot.  I won’t get my emails from Mom and Dad until next Saturday.

Ok, so the story about my foot is that we went to Xepon to do a baptismal interview, but it is pure mountains, like a house every 10 minutes. But they don’t have water, so we had to go down to the river to bathe. And we ran down there, but I was wearing the old Big5 shoes that I got a year before I went on my mission.  They are super thin and have holes in them and everything. And I think something happened when we were running down. When we got back to Canqui, we went to play football (soccer) and I was walking by the goalie watching them play and the side of my foot folded and popped. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal so I tried to walk it off. But it turns out it was broken! So now I am stuck in the office... so boring!! We run errands and do stuff with stats all day. We only have 3 hours to do missionary work in the night. But we found a lady when I got here that wants to be baptized ASAP! :) But it isn’t too bad here! I live in a way nice house with 4 other elders!! And I am in a 3 some with one other kid who broke his foot doing the same thing I did 6 weeks earlier. I will get the package that you are sending faster because I am in the office! But love you!!  Have a good week!
Elder Carter

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