Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 4,2012

Hola Familia!

Yes, well we had conference on Saturday so we didn't have any time to email that day. So I found some time today to do it! Mondays are our busiest days so I don’t really get time to do anything because I am doing the dats the whole day. I have to receive all of the dats from all of the zones, and I have to combine them all and give them to president and a couple of other guys. I kind of like it because I get to learn organizational skills, and I am learning a bunch in here (the office). I also like seeing how well we do as a mission every week. But it’s not too bad in here. We get to do missionary work in the night time, from like 6:00pm to 9:30pm.  We try to leave earlier, but a lot of the time we leave later because we always have so much to do. Yeah the house is nice and it has wooden stairs in it and a fountain, and a little garden. It’s like 5 times the size of the little house where I was before. It was a big change for me! We have a washer and dryer, and an oven in our house!! We made a fort with all of the missionaries, and we played risk! It was on pday and it was fun! There are 5 elders in the house counting me! It is a blast! I have 2 gringo companions. In the baptism picture, all 3 of us are companions and the lady was our Baptism. The other picture is us in the office, both with casts! He just got his cast off and he is now recuperating.  They speak Spanish, like actual Spanish! Ha-ha it’s great, and the ward is amazing! I went from a place that doesn’t have any money to a place that has so much money! These guys are really well off. Yes, I get to drive the car! :) And we get to use it at night to work because the office is a little far from our area. Well, not really that far. It’s just we can’t walk really far. I got some new crutches and they are metal ones! Nice ones. So I am getting around well. We went to a clinic for my broken foot.  It’s the place where I was at in the picture with my cast on.  This is the place they put the cast on me. But first we went there, and after I went to get an X-ray at policlinica and then back to the clinic to get the cast, with the assistants and taxi drivers driving me back and forth. It’s so much easier in Utah because they have the clinic and the x-ray machines in the same building! Alex is already back?? What?? That is crazy! Josh Jensen can’t move away!! You have to get his address when he moves. The boys where I was serving... well I do miss them, but I really like where I am at now! This was the first Sunday in my entire mission where I didn’t have to teach something in church and it felt great! The people here are a lot more educated because they have gone to school. It was really different at first to hear the people talk.

We will have a specific day that we can go to the temple, but only like 2 times in the whole mission, plus the time when I am coming home. But the temple is in our area and we pass by it almost every day! It is great!

I will try to get more pictures of the house I am living in, but we have to clean up our fort still. We are close to all of the fast food places in the mission and we have a car so we can go to all of them if we want. It’s great for a change! The elderly missionaries here took us out for gourmet pizza a couple nights ago! Ha-ha, but I feel like you could do her job! She is a secretary here and she doesn’t go out and tract. Her husband is the financial guy, but you could do her work! I feel like you would enjoy a mission like that! Maybe you should look into it?? :) I think I will get the package from you guys tomorrow.  We are going to pick up pouch tomorrow so hopefully then I can get that... well we went to get pouch today and they didn’t have it yet. It might be at the mission home though, but I’m not sure. We will have to check over there.

Yes, I was talking to Landen Watts a little bit. He said its super different in Columbia, but that’s how I felt when I first got here, but now it’s just normal! I am trying to make it more organized with my job here in the office, but the zone leaders aren’t that great at getting dats done on time, and they always forget stuff, so I had to give a talk on how to do dats to all of the Zone Leaders, but it went over well. What’s new at home? How was dads and Jess' temple experience?? I hope wonderful! So here in the office it will never be a specific day when I write. Usually it will be Saturday, but sometimes not.  Kind of like this week.
Well love you all!
Elder Carter
P.S. I will get pictures of the house when we clean it Saturday.

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