Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 14, 2012

Bej Ij Familia!

How is everyone? The Easter dinner here was great! The best meal I have had in 8 months! Ha-ha it was great! We had chicken, salad, artichoke dip, beans and tons of desserts! It was delicious! There were 5 of us missionaries, and we ate a lot! Yes I did get the package you guys sent and thank you! I ate all the candy within like 2 days. Ha-ha I shared of course! But it’s all long gone! I was going to ask for starburst jelly beans but I forgot. But you remembered, thank you! It was great! And everything was in the package.

But guess what? The assistants were here from the Retauleu Mission, and I asked one if he knew Jared Lancaster, and he said that Jared was his senior companion! Ha-ha small world huh? Yeah I am sure that dad slept great the day he did all the aerations! It’s a good thing mom wasn’t the one doing the lawns! Ha-ha, but sounds like business is coming in! The couple missionary that is in the office, the sister has back problems and she wears a back brake so she can sit at the computer all day!

Oh a monthly Temple date for you and dad! That’s a good idea! There are so many Temples in Utah that you could be going to different ones each month for a really long time! A couple of years to see them all! But that should be a great experience! I wish I would have gone to the Temple more before I left on my mission! I would love to go here, but we have a certain day that we can go but I am in the office so we don’t have a day that works. Hopefully when I am transferred I can go with the zone I am in. I have one more week until they take the cast off!!! I am super excited! I would really like to wash my foot! But soon enough! And then I have a little rehab, then hopefully I will be back out in the field where I belong. I really like this computer work which is weird because I don’t like to be inside, but I would enjoy doing this stuff later on in life! We will see. I have a little while to think about it!

Yeah family history is important stuff! Do you know what’s funny? I actually found a pair of shoes just like the ones you sent in a house we were cleaning out like 2 days before these got here.  They were left behind by another missionary. They are a little older but still nice so I took them home with me. Now I will have shoes to last my mission for sure. Good ones too! So thank you! I don’t think my foot will be breaking again soon!

Well this picture is us at lunch today after we went and got some corte to make some pants and ties. So I will be having a lot more pictures soon enough to send you.

Love you all!
Elder Carter

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