Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 7, 2012

Hey there! 

Yeah I was hoping that Dad and Jessica would have a great experience getting their endowments. I just finished all of my work so I had a little time to write, it took me a couple days to finish, but I finally made it ha-ha. Tell dad thank you for the pictures! Those are perfect! Hey, so there is a couple here from Vernal Utah and they are senior missionaries, but they go out like us to proselyte. And they have had 12 kids..... ha-ha so many! But their youngest is 17 and they are out here on a mission. They are older than you guys too I think…. I’m not sure. But she reminds me of you mom! Ha-ha, always wants to talk to whomever! Even the drunks she likes talking to! Ha-ha, but yeah here the whole city shuts down for the week before Easter. It’s called Semana Santa (Holy Week) and they don’t do anything and nothing is open all week. And they do like parades with floats of Christ being crucified and stuff, so it’s pretty weird!  In some areas it’s really dangerous! A lot of people have gotten robbed, but we haven’t.

Yeah here I am really liking the work, but I feel like I go to work all day and then go do work missionary in the night. We are in the office all day, that’s the only thing that is tough, I am here all day and we only get 3 hours a night to do missionary work! But we already have had a baptism. It’s tough to visit a lot of people. Well how is your back doing?? Yeah that could be cool for a mission, working at the jail huh??? hmmm. That would be interesting. I’m sure you would love it! Hopefully Josh Oliver makes it to Mexico soon! I heard that is a huge problem with them getting their Visas! Well we are having an Easter dinner with the older missionary couple and the other office elders on Sunday. They invited us over because they have pretty nice stuff to cook with. We made brownies today but our stove doesn’t have enough power to cook all the way. So we haven’t done much cooking.  They are putting more electricity in, it’s called 220. I’m pretty sure it’s what is normal in America.

Well my foot is doing well. The doctor told me to put some pressure on it, start using it more so I can get back into things. It has been 3 weeks so I have started doing it! And I am liking it more! I don’t have to walk with only the crutches, I get to use my feet! I can’t wait to get the cast off in another 2 weeks! And then I can wash my foot! Ha-ha it is starting to smell! I have to put a bag over it to shower, and I have some cream to put on it but I think it makes it slinkier! I think I am getting out of the office after this change, because I think that I am more effective out in the field. That’s what the Mission President told me, and also that he has other plans for me! I have 2 weeks of rehab after I take the cast off, and hopefully I can get out by this change! But if not it’s what God wants for me! I love the mission! I love the people! 
Love you! 
Elder Carter

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