Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 21, 2012

Hello Family! 

Well I heard Jessica got that job (at Red Robin)! That is great! At least she will stay busy. Yeah she didn’t want a lot of free time so I guess she got what she wanted ha-ha. Yes it was nice to get a picture of Joy’s family!! They are all getting so big! That’s crazy!! It hasn’t even been very long since I left!

There is an elder here that slipped a disc in his back and he has to get surgery on it. It’s like multiple operations. So right now he is in a place that he doesn’t have to walk so much. So hopefully he will be getting better! But today, in the morning, we actually ended up cutting off my cast :) ha-ha it smelled so bad! I couldn’t go to church like that! So we took it off with the saw you will see in the pictures I sent dad ha-ha.  But it was the worst smell ever! But it’s off and I washed my foot with Clorox so we are all good now! I was supposed to get it off Monday anyway. The doctor is going to be surprised that I’m not going to have a cast when she goes to take it off. Ha, but I feel good! I feel normal again! It is a little weird without a cast now. But that month went by really fast! Well I know that we have a ton of missionary work to do in our family! But that you can do at home :) you should send the missionaries after them!  The temple is amazing!! I love it! I’m not sure if they have English sessions in the Xela Temple. I’m sure they can do them! There are English workers here in the Temple, but if not they can give us headphones for English. So either way it will be in English! 

I hope you enjoy the pictures! My new companion is hilarious! He reminds me of Randy. He does the same kind of stuff, and says the same kind of stuff! Ha-ha it’s funny though! I am really enjoying myself! But we have a fecha for the 5th of May. So we will be having another baptism and hopefully more! We are going to challenge like 5 other people but the least it will be is one! :) Yeah I am excited to be able to use both shoes again! But 50 quetz would be like 7 dollars or a little more. Pretty much everything is cheap here! we baught a bunch of corte last week and we are going to get pants made out of it and like 5 more ties! So I will be styling when I get home!  If you send a package by regular mail, put pictures of the virgin Mary and the Savior on it, and no one will touch it. We could test that out soon! ha-ha :) I wouldn’t mind some treats! Ha-ha. The next change is the 8th of May, so hopefully I will be out of the office and back into the field by this change. The president said that he wants me out in the field as a leader! So hopefully I can get out and serve normally! Guess what?? Remember Rex Alo? Well he went home from his mission. he has a muscle disease that is incurable. But he wants to finish his mission so it might just have to be in Salt Lake. I really hope he gets back out! Maybe you could try the Guatemalan restaurant downtown?? See what I am eating! Ask for tomalitos, or pupusas are really good! But that’s from El Salvador or caldo,  and it’s like a soup. I don’t know if they would have it there but you could check. We have a few investigators that seem pretty positive. We just did this thing for the whole mission where we had to get 40 contacts with a return visit so we had to have their number and address. So through that we got a lot of new investigators. Having the temple in our area helps a lot! It’s kind of cheating I think! It’s harder to study with 5 of us in the house,  but now there are only 4 of us! So we are doing it pretty well now! It’s a little easier! We all do the cleaning! Ha-ha, every Saturday we clean.   It is on our pday, so today it is really clean. But you know how fast it can get dirty! So sometimes we do it in the week too. Yeah we are eating a lot of food! We have found new food! This Mexican torta place is our favorite now, because it doesn’t cost very much and its really good, and it fills you up! Which is good! Thank you for the pictures! I hope you like mine! :) Love you!!
Elder Carter

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