Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 28, 2012

Yes, I have heard that Jessica is putting my face on Mitt Romney’s body! Ha-ha, I am excited to see that! I can’t believe that Jessica is getting married!! That’s so crazy! Well I am sure Jared Lancaster and I will be the life of the party in matching Mitt Romney suits and ties, ha-ha. I think my new assignment will be in Xela Central as zone leader, at least that is what president told me. So I will email you the next week to tell you because I am not sure. They change their minds a lot! No, we didn’t get in any trouble for sawing my cast off ourselves! Ha, I just told the doctor why I did it and she understood. The president said that we were all sinners for cutting it off ha-ha. The president is a funny guy! I have liked being here and getting to know him better. The foot is doing great! I am still getting used to it! But it doesn’t really hurt at all! So that is good, and I will be playing soccer in no time! :) The therapy is going great..... Well there isn’t any physical therapy here, so I am just walking it off. But I was supposed to put my foot into hot water and then cold water, but I haven’t had any time to do it. Ha-ha, so I have been walking without the crutches since Monday and I am getting better. Mom, how long are you doing your physical therapy for?? We actually have 2 baptismal dates right now, but I don’t know if I will be here for them. I hope I can come back, because I am leaving Thursday to go to another area. But it’s close so I hope I can get back for the baptisms. We don’t eat fast food to much. We have eaten a lot of tortas which are cheap, and they are from Mexico and are super good! So we like them a lot. But fast food like McDonalds, we do not eat a ton because we don’t have a lot of money. But this next week I will not be able to write until the next Monday on the 7th, so don’t expect an email on Saturday. Yes, now I have 2 funny companions. One is from Mexico that I have been with in Momos for 3 changes, and then the other one. But they won’t be my companions for long, which I am kind of sad about.  But I am going with another hilarious kid that I have known the whole mission as Zone Leader, so that will be fun.  He is from Argentina, and he leaves on the 10th of July to go home! You should get pictures of the family at Jessica’s wedding, because I want to see how everyone looks. Tell everyone hi for me! 

Today was pday and we went up to a place called Baul and there are these slides there and that Mayan statue thing. I hope you like those pictures. Those are the people that I am living with right now! And they are super great and fun too! Love you all! And say hi to everyone at the wedding! :) 
Elder Carter

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