Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 5, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I thought I would write and tell you real quick that I am not going to my new area until Tuesday, May 8th!  How was the wedding?? I can’t believe that my baby sister is married! Ha, it’s so weird to think about! But I am super happy for her! :) I never got any pictures, but next week is fine because I understand you are really busy with all of the wedding stuff! It sounds like you had a good turn out! Did you go to the room for dinner?? So they got married in the Salt Lake Temple? That is amazing! :) I am so happy! I am going to Quetzaltenango Central Park with an Argentinean companion. The place I am going to is the biggest tourist attraction in the whole mission. So it’s going to be packed because it’s the biggest city part, which will be weird, but my new companion and I will do work! I am excited! You can look up Quetzaltenango central park and you will see where I am going. Look it up on Google images, and yes I am going to be a Zone Leader. My dad is Zone Leader, and my grandpa is assistant, so we have a pretty good line! I am not sure if they are letting us do Skype for Mother’s Day, but they were talking about it with the assistants, so maybe I will be able to see you all! Ha-ha but we will see, so just plan on calling right now unless I tell you differently. But it will be this Sunday or the next Thursday, we have to coordinate it. So plan on calling Sunday for now :) My next pday won’t be until after Mothers Day, but I am excited to finally be in the field, even though this ward is awesome! And we have a bunch of great investigators! Today I was talking to this guy on the bus on the way back from Momos, and I gave him our number because that’s what we always do, and I didn’t think he would call. But he called us just barely and wants to talk more! :) I was talking to him for almost 2 hours on the bus and he has lots of questions from the folleto that I gave him! We will see what we can do with him! Yes, the mission is hard sometimes, but the thing is it’s all worth it! We just had a lesson with the guy I talked to on the bus, and to feel the spirit like that is all worth it. To see how happy they are or interested, just changes the whole way you look at the gospel and life. I love it! Every time we finish teaching I feel so sososososos good! It’s the best feeling in the world! This guy wants to be baptized! He was telling us that he was never interested before and never wanted to read anything about our church, but then we talked forever and it sparked his interest and then he called us to meet up with him, so we just had him come to the office! I love it!

You could actually get going pretty fast on the Baul slide! You have to slide on a plastic bottle, but it’s super fun! Ha-ha, yeah the mission is amazing! You have no idea. I wish we could go to the temple more, but I will be able to go soon! In my new zone we are going soon! :) So I am super excited for that! But I sent you a picture of my area that you can see everything with the temple. But that’s the city right now, and you will see my other area on Google! :) !pero les AMO! Para siempre. 

Elder Carter 

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