Monday, May 28, 2012

May 21, 2012


Baptism Two weeks ago
Yeah, that would be awesome to serve a mission in Hawaii! It’s great that the Newman’s have been called to serve there. I knew that the lawn business would keep dad plenty busy! Ha, it was always fun for me when I was working the lawn business! I am sure Colby is enjoying himself. How old is Colby?? 

Well there are a couple people that have an interest for landscaping then. Justin is going to be a senior already?? That is crazy! Ooh rainbow trout would be amazing! Sounds super Good! Looks like you guys will be doing a lot of temple work! Do you guys like going to the temple? Yeah Jessica told me that Karli was getting married. Ha that’s good! So many great things going on :) Taylor Loomis is going to play football for the U?? That’s great! Taylor is awesome! I hope he will be able to stick with it! We took pictures but last week the picture thing didn’t work and this week I forgot my camera in the house. So you will have to wait until next week. We hiked up the biggest volcano in Guatemala today, Santa Maria. We left at 4 in the morning, and got up there in like 4 hours, but it was hard and I am super tired! (For the lack of sleep and the hike). We took a lot of pictures! So it was really fun! I will have to show you this volcano. At the top we went up to, we were above the clouds, and you feel like you are in heaven and then you remember you have to go back down! Ha-ha we always eat at a restaurant called Emilios which a member owns, and we go there a lot for lunch! :) It’s super cheap too! So that’s always nice! And there is a McyDs close by but it’s too expensive! Well we have worked more but its tough with this companion! He wanted to go watch a soccer game this week, and I said no.  I don’t even like soccer, and he started getting mad because I didn’t want to go but he got over it ha-ha. As for where we are living now, it’s just us two in a medium sized house! It is pretty nice.  We have like 4 rooms and a study area, and a kitchen with a microwave and a bigger fridge, so it is a nice house! Yeah my weight is staying down. I don’t really have a problem with it because I walk plenty, so we got the weight off. But I love you guys and I will send pictures next week! :)
Oh and my companion loves beef jerky, maybe you could throw some into the box you are sending:) Love you! 
Elder Carter

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