Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hola Family,

Taken from Elder Carters Casa
Yes, it is always good to get your emails! Jessica and Chris have been living at the U for 2 weeks already?? Really? Ha-ha does she call everyday? Oh I was wondering.  Those watermelons you have been getting lately sound so good. But yeah the watermelons here don’t really have a whole lot of flavor, so they always add sugar, but they put some sort of sauce or powder on everything ha-ha. Yeah all the temples are amazing! I don’t think I will be able to go in the temple until October, but at least I can go right? It will be nice when we can go and maybe we will be able to go before October! Yes we climbed another volcano, but at 4 in the morning so we were back down by 11:am. We had plenty of time. Well someone does our laundry for us and the house work, we do that every once in a while ha-ha. We always make our own breakfast, and usually for lunch we go to Emilianos, the restaurant of the members. Then we get dinner at a member’s house or we make some eggs and beans, something like that. It depends on the day; we have been making more food lately! How was the BBQ?? And the cheesecake?? They make cheesecake here too but it’s not the same ha-ha. Yeah Mom, I hope the surgery helps you a lot! I have started doing exercises, something called insanity ha-ha.  It’s pretty hard, but I like it because I actually sweat, and I can feel good after, like I have worked out! :) 

Lake in the crater of volcano  
Did Arron Bishop come to Salt Lake with Maren? Or do you know what he is doing with his life?? Maren going to school at BYU Idaho sounds like fun! I want to go to BYU Idaho when I get back! Yeah I think today I am going to take a nap too! Ha-ha, we will see! And then play some soccer, just a normal pday! :) Oh yeah, I got a new companion by the way! They changed the one who didn’t want to work, and sent another companion that leaves in August, but he is a super hard worker! I am loving it! This week we did a lot of work! And this next week we have even more planned! :) So I am happy that they changed him out. My new companion is from Guatemala City, the capital, and he is a big guy. I will have to get you a picture this week because we haven’t taken one yet. But now we are getting to work! How is everything else at home and how are the puppies (dogs)?? I miss American puppies.  The ones here are super dirty and mean because everyone just kicks them and is mean to them.  But I love you all so much! 
Thank you for everything you have done for me! Without you guys I wouldn’t be here. Love, 
Elder Carter

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