Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Sounds like there are a lot of surgeries going on in our ward and family! I hope all goes well for everyone. The baptisms didn’t happen yet, but we are working with them! They haven’t come to church yet. When they go, they will be able to get baptized, they just have to go! And that’s the hardest part, getting people to church! We did divisions this week 2 times. And maybe that’s why my week went by so fast, the work is good! We need more help from the members! But this week we have plans to visit some families! So we are looking forward to that! Yes my companion and I are still getting along well! He is a good guy! We are working hard too! So I am thankful for this opportunity. They do transfers every 6 weeks. But sometimes they do emergency changes which are when someone has a problem and President needs to change some people. They change them, and they have done the emergency changes almost every week. So it depends. Sometimes you are in an area for a long time, and sometimes a couple weeks. Our house is about 2 minutes away from the church and it’s awesome! :) It’s because we are in the city, so it’s a lot closer. No, we don’t teach anything at church right now. We actually use the second hour of church to visit those members who didn’t come and see why.

I like the weather here! My umbrella broke! So now I just walk around with just my rain jacket, but it works! I like the rain though! And only until October there will be rain and then it’s dry again :) And we are working with some inactive member families. This week Elder Amado from the quorum of the seventy is coming here to speak to us Thursday.

Andrew Paulson is going to Chile? Do you know what mission? Wow there is going to be a lot out in our ward!!! That’s great though! :) The new aria sounds good for Landon! More mountainous area is always nice! Today it has been hot here! It’s the rainy season but there are no signs of rain! Ha-ha just sun!  The baptism didn’t work out! She decided not to go through with it! But today we are going to teach her. We are hoping for the best, and we have 4 other prospects right now that are excited for the church! So we are hoping for the best. We are going with them this week to put a fecha bautismal! The conference was amazing! Elder Amado from the Quorum of the Seventies is a good speaker! I learned a ton; and a ton of the things that I was missing.  We are getting work done. There are trials, but we are on track to baptize, so soon we will have a couple coming in! I can’t believe how fast time is going! I have 10 1/2 months!!!! Wow! I don’t feel like it at all! And we are working a lot with menos activos (inactive members). I think it is preparing me for when I get home with all of the relatives! I am learning how to get to them. Yeah, we still walk everywhere! But it is nice exercise! It’s not a lot of walking because all of the houses are close. On pday we have been just playing soccer, eating, sometimes basketball, and using internet. But this next week we are going to do a tour, and the next week baseball!!!! :)) You could send some Swedish fish in the package too if you wanted. I love you guys! 
Miss you!
Elder Carter

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