Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2, 2012


You sent 2 packages? Yes!! I am going to be so popular!! :) And Laurel said she would send me one too! Ha-ha yeah I am getting old! And I don’t feel like I have been out so much time. Eric gets home in 6 weeks!!!  Mom, sounds like you are doing well with your back then! That is great news! How come Joy and her family moved?? To be closer? Well that is dad, helping with the 4th of July breakfast. And you know that I would be there to help also and for the parade and everything, but I’m a little out of the way haha :)

Justin is already a senior? That’s crazy!! Ha-ha, but that’s good that he is wrestling. Is he doing any other sports? We took the tour all around Xela and we went to the Cerrito de Baul again. It was really fun as a zone. Everyone except my companion and one of the other elders went, and we had a blast! There is a great view up there and I will send pictures in another email! :) I am still emailing some of the other missionaries. When I have time I email them and see how they are, but sometimes I don’t have time! I know that Rex went back out on his mission or he is almost back out. I have been talking to him and he is doing better with his physical health, so that is good news! Oh I miss Jared Thatcher!! That is awesome about Taylor having his mission papers ready to send!!! I am super excited for him!! :) But for sure let me know when he gets his call! 

We have 4 fechas (baptisms scheduled) this week! For the 14th of July, so we are excited for that! And they are for sure too!! I am excited. :) I will send you pictures. I love you guys and miss you!
Elder Carter  

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