Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012

Thank you for the Happy Birthday wish!! 

That’s weird to hear my first name!! Oh that sounds wonderful that maybe one of my packages might be at the Mission Office.! I am excited to get it!! :) I am going to go to the office right after we use the internet. Yeah, how is Martha from 7-11 doing??   A Slurpee sounds really good!! Ha-ha was it hot there? So Darrin had surgery?? I hope he can go back out! I can’t believe that my broken foot, with x-rays and everything only cost $80?? Ha-ha, that’s crazy!! I didn’t think it would be that cheap!

Zone P-day tour
But yeah, I don’t think I have parasites, because that gives you a lot more stomach pains and a lot of times you can’t ….. Ha-ha but I don’t know so I am going to wait it out a little longer :) It has gotten a lot better! We are eating gringo food again and I have gotten better!! But parasites don’t really do anything to you ha-ha :)  Mom, you want to go up to Silver Lake? And is dad still doing the lawns? I am sure that keeps him plenty busy right? That is good that you can start going back to church since your back is getting better! :) But I haven’t gotten the package yet. I will see in the office today! Maybe I will have gotten it! We will see! And I did get the picture of the BBQ! It was good to see Jared’s son Jordan, in the picture.

A happy Baptism
Things are really different here like if someone calls you fat it’s not a bad thing! It’s weird being called Gordito all the time! But yeah I am not a teenager anymore! It’s super weird! I am old!! Ha-ha, I don’t feel any different! Super weird! And tomorrow I will have 11 months in the mission!! Wow! But I love you! This week we have 4 baptisms! They are on Saturday! So we are excited! We reactivated a family and they have half of the family that isn’t baptized so we are going to baptize them! :) And another grandma that I am going to baptize! But I am excited! Love you! 

Elder Carter

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