Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 23, 2012


I had 2 families make me a cake for my birthday! Yes I got both of the packages you guys sent on my birthday! It was great! But the candy is gone :/ It was good, but I shared it a little! The guy you ran into in Smith’s was from Guatemala?? The capital of Guatemala? In the capital there isn’t really any Mayan dialect because it is really a city for the indigenous, but that is interesting that he stopped and talked to you.  Probably because of the T- shirt dad was wearing! Ha small world!! I heard Joy was going to move into the neighborhood too ha-ha, but decided it was too close to the parents. Wow Kimberly is already 16?? That’s hard to believe!

I didn’t talk to the nurses, I decided not to, and I am normal again!!! So it’s all good. It got rid of itself! I didn’t even have to do anything! Yeah we have some more investigators that are really close, that said they have received an answer but they need to go to church! That’s always a problem! This next week is changes already! That has gone by super fast.

Thank you for the ATM card.  I don’t think I will use the card for a little while! Ha, but we will see if I need something. I am usually fine with what I get, but if there are more things I need to buy I will. But yes I am practicing the guitar and getting it down a little bit, but little by little. Well we always play soccer with our zone but last week we played against another zone! Ha it was fun but maybe the next week we will do another sport!!! We have been baptizing more in this zone and last month we only baptized 2 and this month we already have 11!!! Which I think is nice finally.

I have never been to Lake Powell, so Chris needs to take me when I get home. Tell Jessica and Chris that! Ha-ha

How was Silver Lake?? Did you guys like it? We did divisions for 3 days this week and me and Elder Griffin, another gringo, got work done! It was fun! I enjoyed it! And this week we are doing it again with them! But I love you guys! Have a good week! 

Elder Carter

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