Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My birthday was great! We had two families who wanted to give me cake!! Ha-ha, it was good because we ate cake 2 times!!!  But it was good for my birthday to land on a pday! But it was a normal day, nothing really special! But I got both of the packages from you! And I got them on my birthday.  And they came at the same time! So it’s pretty much the same time through normal mail as it is FedEx! Yes I got my ATM card! :) thank you! And thank you for the candy and the birthday card! I am trying to share the candy with the members! A lot of the candy you sent, you can’t buy here! So it is nice for them to get to enjoy some! The time here goes by so fast! Yah, I can’t believe that I have been out here so long! That is ridiculous! 

That sounds like an interesting mission for the Noel’s! I think that would be fun! Yeah, they should be back for my homecoming! That is good! :) It sounds like dad has been really busy!! Ha-ha, I’m sure he is losing weight like crazy at that rate!! But how is Colby doing? And is he playing football?? 

Check out the cook!
In Landos other mission they couldn’t play soccer??? What did they do?? Yeah, we can’t drink caffeinated drinks! Or I would be drinking a lot of Mountain Dew! Because they have it in our area! It’s just expensive! No one here gives ice because it costs too much. But yeah that might be it that they aren’t too careful with washing the dishes! But I’m not sure! I am going to talk with the nurses tomorrow to see if I have anything, ha, but it doesn’t hurt or anything, it’s just a little annoying to have to ….. a lot!

 Mom, that’s good to hear you are doing well! :) You got better fast! That is good! I know that God is helping you so you can get back to your callings! The 4 investigators did get baptized!! I sent you a picture in the other email so I hope you get it! It was a big party! It was amazing to baptize again! I feel like I haven’t in forever! But we have a couple more that said they have received an answer about the church. They just have to stop working Sundays and go to church! We should have more soon! Maybe in this other month! It’s like 70s with rain but it doesn’t rain everyday! And I haven’t bought another umbrella yet but I have the rain jacket to keep me dry! And it is nice, so I am fine with just that! It works out well!  We haven’t played baseball yet, but we have played soccer against other zones in the mission. This week we played! It was fun to see some of my good friends!!! I love you guys a bunch! But time is going by too fast!! And it makes me sad to see missionaries who don’t take advantage of these 2 years here! Because it really goes by fast! But enjoy the pictures! I love you guys!!

Elder Carter

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