Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 30, 2012


We have had a lot more baptisms this month in the zone than last month, which is good! We are pretty happy about it! We are working hard and now it is paying off! Yes we do the interviews for the district leaders, but the district leaders do it for everyone else! So we don’t have to do a whole lot of the interviews! It is a good experience; get to know the people and their desire to be baptized.

Tonight we are going to make food with the bishop’s family. I am going to make brownie sundays. :) mmmm!!!  Tell everyone from the neighborhood hi for me at the “Pig Kahuna” and the Blue Grass event!! I have almost been out a year!!! Wow!! I can’t believe it! I don’t want the time to go by so fast. We went into Wal-Mart today to find workout bands, but they don’t have the ones I need. There are some elders here that have them but their parents have sent them here from the states. I don’t know if you could check for some there at home?? They are the workout elastic bands, but good ones, that have different resistances, like different weights pretty much. The bands are different colors, but there are like 4 or 5 I think. Could you check that for me?? :) Yeah I miss peanut butter! Ha-ha there is only one place that you can find it here that we can go to, but it’s out of our area! :(

I bet it’s nice having Joy’s family fairly close!! Maybe you can do some things with the kids occasionally.  Yes!!! I would love to go up to Lake Powell! That would be amazing! Ha-ha, I miss boating a lot! Just chilling on the lake with the Loomis’s! Yeah Mom, Silver Lake is so beautiful! It’s crazy!

Our divisions were great!! Elder Griffey (from Utah) and I taught 9 lessons together in that one day! It was awesome! I hope we can play baseball soon! But we will see because it’s just a matter of getting the spot all reserved and everything! So now we have a schedule to go eat with all of the members! Everyday for lunch we have a schedule! It is going to be great! :) We usually don’t eat dinner, just some bread or something if anything! But it’s nice! We start this week, so we will see how free lunch everyday is! :) Yeah I am going to go to a lot of Bee’s games when I get home! When is Chase going to put his papers in?? Yeah I never realized how important the home teachers are until the mission! Now I realize why we need them!! And we need to always do our home teaching.

Yes I would love to know where Taylor is going on his mission! Thank you!!! Well I need some recipes for homemade macaroni and cheese with tomato soup, and chocolate cookies! We have to make them with the bishop! Ha-ha.  But these weeks are going by way too fast! I don’t like it going so fast!! But I guess that’s how it is going to be. I love the mission. This is the best decision I have ever made! I can’t speak English anymore but it has given me so much more happiness in my life! Thank you for helping me when I wanted to be a rebel, and keeping me on the path! Love you!!
Elder Carter 

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