Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 6, 2012

Taylor Loomis is going to Tulsa, Oklahoma! OK? That’s exciting!! He is also going to learn Spanish!! That’s awesome! Yeah he only has to wait like a month! That’s really lucky that he didn’t have to wait forever! Those 5 months were really long for me, but that was like a year and a half ago!!

That sounds super funny that Joy’s little boy Brock loves to clean!!! I can just imagine him just cleaning things! It’s like Gentry Andersons brother, always doing something productive! Ha-ha

The brownie sundaes that we made at our Bishops house were awesome!! Huge hit! It was just a box mix we used, but pretty good!! Yeah that would be nice to have you send the workout bands because I have work out videos and everything, but I need bands or weights, but weights are hard to carry around the mission! The lunch with the members is going great!! We are sure getting full!! Ha-ha, yeah they eat a late lunch and barely eat dinner. I never eat dinner now because I am never hungry for dinner! My companion always is, so sometimes he wants to go out to eat, but I never buy anything! We have had pupusas, lots of chicken, and hamburgers, but they give us so much food!!! I am so full everyday!! We eat lunch at like 2 normally and then we don’t eat dinner. But yeah lunch is the biggest meal here! They give us like an hour or so, sometimes they take longer and we can’t just take it to go ha-ha. But this Sunday we had a BBQ and we helped make it! Churasco! It was good!

This week we didn’t do divisions with anyone, but president doesn’t want us to do so many divisions. The weather sounds awful in Utah (HOT)!! Here it’s the same everyday! And it rains a lot so it cools down really fast, but it’s the same here always!!

I am about to have a year in the mission!! I don’t feel like that at all!! It’s so weird! There is a lot of drama in the mission. I thought that was a high school thing but a lot of elders start rumors and I don’t understand it?? Ha-ha, you still haven’t washed that basket of clothes of mine?? You will probably find animals in there when you wash it!! I feel like I am at home or down the street or something. Yes I would like a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe for here. Love you!!!! Miss you guys!!
Elder Carter.

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