Monday, September 10, 2012

August 20, 2012


Yeah, it was fun to burn my white shirt on my one year date!! Yeah I wrote on it and it didn’t take too long! The fireworks in the picture were to burn it with! Ha-ha, that’s how we started the fire to burn the shirt! They were roman candles.... yes, that’s crazy that Taylor is already leaving! If I send you a tie can you send it to him in his mission??? Yeah, sounds like everyone is getting married! I think only one person from my grade has gotten married so far!

That’s good about the Bishops! Sounds like they are doing well]! It was an alright week! I feel like my companion is just getting baggy! But I need to get him into shape! We didn’t do a whole lot! If we go with members too we are able to do more because it helps him stay focused! But there aren’t a lot of times that the members can go with us! So it’s hard sometimes! I think we are going to make the mac and cheese this week! Or the next, I’m not sure yet! The luau party was awesome! Ha-ha it wasn’t very well planned out, but it worked out perfect! We hadn’t even thought about decorations until the day of!! Ha-ha but I will send you pictures! The drink was amazing! I know how to make it now! I will teach you when I get home! But there is a rice with milk drink here that is really good that I want to learn how to make, so I can make it at home! It’s super delicious! Yeah there is a ton of fruit in it! Oh I miss Green River watermelon!!! The watermelon here isn’t that sweet! Dad is going to have to get some more help with those lawns!! How hot has it been?? Yeah, don’t over do it mom!!! You need to keep yourself in top shape!

But this week was kind of interesting! We helped kill a sheep!! Well.... 2, but it’s because they are going to eat them!!  And we are going to try it too! ! It is crazy though! I don’t know how they can do that! This lady who killed them, it is what she does everyday for her work! How crazy is that? Love you!!!!
Elder Carter  

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