Monday, September 10, 2012

August 27, 2012


Yeah that would be hard to have 2 kids out on a mission!! That’s what it would have been like for you guys if Jessica would have gone too! That would have been cool though!

How many lawns does dad do now?? Yeah, well it sounds like he will be busy with the lawn jobs!! Did everyone make it to the BBQ? We had a BBQ yesterday for a birthday too! Ha-ha, one of the members invited us over! It was nice but we left really full!! You almost bought an old motor home?? That would have been interesting!! 
That is great that you are dancing!! I was talking to the lady in the office that reminds me of you, and she always has had back problems but she asked me about you and how your back was, so I will have to tell her the good news!! Who are the boys in your class? School is already going to start?? 
My companion needs to be more motivated, but its hard to motivate him. But I am doing my best! This week we got out and did more work, but all of our citas fell and like no one was home, so working hard, the devil tried harder to make us feel bad! My companion finishes his mission in 2 months (he goes home in October). But he is getting changes this change. President told me already.  He said he was going to give me a younger companion that is more dedicated, so that is exciting!!! :) Yeah, he is still the same companion from the capital of Guatemala. We haven’t played soccer in a while. We play basketball instead on pday. We don’t even have a soccer ball now! I am excited to change companions! He is a good companion sometimes, but sometimes he just doesn’t want to do anything! So that’s kind of lame!!

What did you make for the BBQ?? I would love some ribs!! There are lots of foods I am going to miss from here too! There is fried pig skin, and it’s called chicharon and it’s really good! You will have to try it! But I love you all! Miss you! 
Elder Carter

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