Monday, September 17, 2012

September 3, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I think every ward here starts at 9:00.  Well there is one building that I know of that has 2 wards. But I think the second ward is at 10:00! Ha, a nap after church would be amazing! Or in the middle of the day! I miss that!! Sometimes I get super tired! I have seen addiction problems all over the place here! It’s hard sometimes because it destroys a lot of families here. Because it’s all that the drunks think about is the alcohol. That is the biggest problem with addiction here. This Sunday we had BBQ chicken and it was pretty good! It was almost like the BBQ chicken you make at home in the oven, soaked in BBQ sauce. 

 I have noticed sometimes growing up in the church you don’t realize how great of a life you really have until you see people’s lives that need so much help! Oh yeah now dads helpers also have to go to school! Ha, well now he will be running in all directions! Next week are the changes, and the next Tuesday I think I am staying here in this area another change. I don’t want to leave!! :( This ward is awesome!) The members are amazing! And I don’t like the city but I love the ward! The missionary work is good! We have a couple families that we are working with! And one went to church this week!!!!!! The dad has problems with smoking and is catholic, but he doesn’t like his church! So we are hoping to get to work with them!! We found one of the recent converts super drunk this past Monday, and we pretty much carried him to his house which is far, and up a huge hill!! But if we didn’t, he would have slept out side of the bar and it was raining super hard! The drunks just lay in the street here because they get so drunk, and it’s awful!

It has rained a lot this week! But there have been a couple sunny days! This week was weird! We had sunny days and cold days and rainy days. It was a nice variety! Yeah I would love to hear the highlights of the Noel’s mission.  I don’t have a lot of time to read them! So that would be nice! Sounds like a long winter in Siberia! Chase Paulson with short hair??? Ha-ha that is hard to believe!! That’s crazy!! But it’s good! Landon is Zone Leader??? That’s great! Ha-ha I need to send him a message!!! See how he is!! 

Well today we went on a hike in San Carlos Sija. There were a couple parts that reminded me of bells canyon!! I felt super weird! But it was a super fun pday! I love the mountains! This week I bought a suit and Nike shoes for 25 Dollars. I felt proud!! Ha-ha, so now I have 2 suits! And I wanted to ask you if I could buy some scripture covers that they make here??? But I would need your help because I need the measurements. When I get home, I want to get the small quadruple with the Book of Mormon, Pearl of GP and Bible all together. But I need to know how big they are so I can have them made. But could you check that out this week. I need to know the 3 measurements... length of the short and long side, and the width! Could you find that out?? When you send the  exercise bands you could send some Got2Be super glued because I am almost out! And maybe some candy :) the bishop wanted to try big cherries and those circus animals that are frosted, and maybe some beef jerky for me :)) 
Love you so much!!

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